Well You Shouldn't, Obviously

Reason: "The CIA Can't Protect Its Own Hacking Tools. Why Should We Trust Government Privacy and Security Proposals?"


ymarsakar said...

Not only was the CCI found to be more interested in "building up cyber tools than keeping them secure," the nation's top spy agency routinely made rookie security mistakes that ultimately allowed personnel to leak the goods to Wikileaks.

What I heard was that CIA internal assets were turned into double agents against the DS. NOt rookie security mistakes, a spy war where internal agents set it up that way.

There's a reason I call them Clowns in Action. I agree with Q there. They are jokes. Dangerous though.

What they did was use a stalking horse tactic. They had the counter intel guys focusing on US whistle blowers, discrediting them. But the real threat was the internal leakers and agents being turned against the DS. It's why Snowden. Why all the stuff got out about government spying. Without it, who would believe Hussein was spying on Trump?

I know Y would, but Y believes all kinds of weird stuff, I am talking about people with authority or credentials, in the official us main sewer or political space.

THe leaks to wiki is sorta like a disinfo campaign. Meaning, it's all true, but it is a decoy distraction. The real threat isn't wikileaks getting the info. It's the anti Cabal alliance getting it, and using wikileaks as a sort of "dead drop" system, to reduce trace back.

ymarsakar said...


ONe of the reasons why a computer controlled car like TEsla is basically suicide to certain people is because of these 0 day back doors.

You will crash and die faster than Robert F Kennedy. If the driver goes against the DS.

ymarsakar said...

Also, shadow broker? What is this, Mass Effect, haha.

I think they went a little too far with that joke group name. Too much of a hint there.

ymarsakar said...

I also dislike forced upgrades precisely because of this backdoor problem.

What do they mean they had zero days to fix something, isn't this software out open source for 5 years already? No, because new bugs get introduced with every patch.

So why do they keep patching it?

Samsung waits a year before they accept Google's Android updates. That's because they are looking for backdoors and other instabilities.

Not having OS updates at all, sucks. But having too much of the latest, say same year, also introduces problems.

E Hines said...

This is just another reason for end-to-end encryption of personal communications and AG Barr, with whom I heartily agree on most things, can take a long walk off a short pier on this one.

Eric Hines