Arms & the Citizen

My sense is that your duty as a citizen, which includes militia service -- service you should be thinking about as a likely reality in the near future -- suggests that you should own an AR-15 platform in 5.56mm NATO.  That is the rifle that will allow you to interoperate most effectively with regular and National Guard forces, while tying into their supply chains as necessary.  Plus, they have innumerable experts who can train you as opportunity arises if you are not fully trained on the weapon yourself.

Colonel Kurt wrote a longer piece.  He recommends a minimal three-gun setup, with the AR-15 filling the rifle role.


Eric Blair said...

That may infact be what my trump-bux are going to be earmarked for.

Grim said...

It's a wise decision.

E Hines said...

Keep in mind, too, that in our Revolutionary War, a significant fraction of the artillery the Colonials had in their armies were privately owned, and a significant fraction of the Colonial navy consisted of private ships raiding as sanctioned privateers.

There's nothing in the 2nd Amendment that bars continued ownership, their modern costs notwithstanding.

Eric Hines

ymarsakar said...

I'll take the fire control then for orbital bombardment.