This should be interesting

Yesterday police tried to answer a call in the Seattle Open-Air Faculty Lounge about a shooting that killed one and put another in the hospital in critical condition, but they're turned back by a mob.

Today, I see flag-waving bikers are headed for our newest experiment in brotherly love and tolerance here in the Amerika.


Grim said...

The American right has relatively few militant groups that aren’t unacceptable even to most of the right. Veteran and LE bike clubs do exist, however.

ymarsakar said...

When Grim posted that some biker clubs were working with police to take tolls, I wrote that they had to make a choice.

This is why.

When Chicago Mayors order PD to stand down and arrest conservatives, what are clubs who work to split the loot with police, going to do?

Their independence is tested.

This is why tax collectors for Romans were despised. An Imperial system of a loot splitting mafia, needs people at the bottom to work.

ymarsakar said...

Ruby Ridge, Waco 1, Waco 2, Bundy clan vs BLM.

Compare all of those conflicts with the police standing down and letting Antifa/Soros/blm do whatever they want.

Equality under the law? What a human joke. This is not totalitarianism but it is very close.

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