Enchiridion XXXII


When you have recourse to divination, remember that you know not what the event will be, and you come to learn it of the diviner; but of what nature it is you knew before coming; at least, if you are of philosophic mind. For if it is among the things not within our own power, it can by no means be either good or evil. Do not, therefore, bring with you to the diviner either desire or aversion—else you will approach him trembling—but first clearly understand that every event is indifferent and nothing to you, of whatever sort it may be; for it will be in your power to make a right use of it, and this no one can hinder. Then come with confidence to the gods as your counselors; and afterwards, when any counsel is given you, remember what counselors you have assumed, and whose advice you will neglect if you disobey. Come to divination as Socrates prescribed, in cases of which the whole consideration relates to the event, and in which no opportunities are afforded by reason or any other art to discover the matter in view. When, therefore, it is our duty to share the danger of a friend or of our country, we ought not to consult the oracle as to whether we shall share it with them or not. For though the diviner should forewarn you that the auspices are unfavorable, this means no more than that either death or mutilation or exile is portended. But we have reason within us; and it directs us, even with these hazards, to stand by our friend and our country. Attend, therefore, to the greater diviner, the Pythian God, who once cast out of the temple him who neglected to save his friend.

Divination has fallen out of favor in the West since Epictetus' day, although of late there is an interest in things like Tarot cards and whatnot. What the Romans and Greeks thought they were doing was seeking counsel from the divine. It was at this time considered a perfectly decent thing to do, to try to consult the divine beings through their appointed oracles.

Socrates got himself killed doing this, as Epictetus invites us to remember by invoking him. The Oracle of Delphi told him that he was the wisest among Athenians; and he (claimed, at least that he) did not believe it. So he went about questioning those who called themselves wise, and showing that they were not wise in fact. He, at least, knew that he knew nothing: and therefore he was wiser than they, who thought they knew something they did not in fact know. 

Once again I have highlighted what I take to be the most important part for our purposes. Whatever happens, you can make the right use of it -- the best use, by doing the right thing in the face of whatever it is. No one can stop you from doing that. As long as you always do the right thing in the face of whatever comes before you, in a sense it hardly matters what does come before you. That is the sense in which "every event is indifferent and nothing to you." Events arise, and perish: duty is done in the face of each and if done, that is enough.


james said...

The Death of Good Fortune

Grim said...

That's the plain reading of the conclusion, at least. What do you make of it?

ymarsakar said...

I got tarot cards. I know how they work. A higher and greater conduit of intelligence, the Most High, directs the information to me and I download it/decompress it.

Socrates did the same thing with his internal daemon/muse. He listened to the Holy Spirit, a quiet voice that told him of true things. He then used his brain and logick to verify it, by questioning people.

Other people call it "gut instinct" or "gut feeling". These are similar in mechanism although different in origin.

There are other kinds of instant downloads, like love at first sight or destined/fated meetings.


The tarot cards explain the Hero's Journey in symbology and pictures, to avoid the Dark state hydra manipulation of words and linguistics.

I linked a very easy explanation of this, that describes Baggins' journey on top of the 12 steps. These are normally divided in 3 acts, and is similar to Star Wars plot.

This is the monomyth, so even the ancients had them.

When a person with a psychic or divine linkage uses the cards for divination like asking a question and then drawing lots (as in OT) or flipping to a random book in the bible (bibliomancy), the card that is drawn is naturally the one the Higher Divine Self and Divine Counsel wishes that human avatar to see and integrate as part of their personal journey. That it also answers some material questions is a side benefit.

Grim said...

That comment is actually on topic. Well done.

ymarsakar said...

This Final War has a lot of topics. The Holy Spirit guides me on what people need to know, although that will naturally cause friction.

If I was as easy to kill as Socrates, it would be even harder. Human society does not like the Jesus or Socrates types. We tend to cause problems.

ymarsakar said...

These are the graphics I use, as I use both the app and the physical deck for readings. They serve as more accurate versions of just listening to intuition or the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit.


This is the 0, beginning point. Classically called The Fool (Ymar in the clown stage of growth). It is rendered as the Child in this more esoterically updated deck.

So we have Luke Skywalker, starting out as child. The Hero's Journey often starts in childhood. On the fields of some sports field one's character is grown, as they say.


The origins has a short video at the bottom explaining some of the tarot history.

So the major arcana is a suite of cards originally inspired by the Sun God Ra (ET collective) from ancient Khem (called ancient Egypt). Khem is why chemistry and alchemy are linked.

The royal or numbered decks came afterwards, and is not part of the original tarot inspiration. These are closer to poker card decks and suites. King/Ace of one of 4 types. In Tarot, we have 4 elements instead, sorta like the Chinese 5 element system or Aristotle's essences.

The Major arcana are the ones that point to each point in the Hero's Journey monomyth and is God's plot guide for humanity. Each individual, family, nation, and world will have its own progress on this monomyth quest.

The most notable element is that this is an infinite spiral or circle. It repeats itself. Even when the hero returns from destroying the death star and bringing a new age, it starts all over again with the Child. Or the person making a foolish decision and rejecting the call to action, leading to another cycle (of history). It is similar to the Wheel of Eternal Suffering in reincarnation religions. People are repeating the plot line because they missed something or failed to complete the quest.

In this Final War, the final monomyth will unfold itself for people to live and experience. Then it will end and a new cycle begins, but this new cycle is not like previous repetitions. This is an actual new cycle or new game +.

ymarsakar said...

As for which card depicts where humanity at large is... let's see.

Hanged Man/Death card is very close to where 2022 general population is.

Resurrection card is up next.

There is a resurrection point right after the Cave Ordeal in the monomyth after all.

Some people are ahead of the curve like me, while others are lagging slightly behind, such as at the Balance card.

The Tower collapsing would be when the military takes over or the financial systems completely collapse/begin.

The Star would then be the ET intervention plot line.

The Godhead has prewritten the plot events and keypoints, but how long it takes or what it takes to get there, is free for the players to decide. All the world is a stage, and you are mere actors upon it. THe Author is somewhere and something else.

ymarsakar said...

Actually, I'll just pull a card on my app to see what the HS says.

Hrm... Chariot, inverse, intension.

The general condition of the world is farther back than I thought. Chariot=truckers, it fits. Uncontrolled advance and speed, however.

Each classification of souls will have their own lessons to learn. So even though we all supposedly live in the same world (simulated), we each have our own stuff to go through. Particular plot points or events that only apply to us. But the world is actually seeing, maybe since the Divine Flood, a world wide plot line applying all over the world. It is not a local flood where some nation goes boom and the false profits come out saying the End is Nigh. The End is nigh for that nation maybe, but other nations are safe and protected in a bubble.

That is not the case in 2022. They have all completed a choice plot, the bio weapon injection, and often times the same brand of injection even.

So for J6 gulag captives, I doubt their stage is "chariot". More like Hanged Man or Death or Hermit. Stuck in the belly of the beast, the stomach of the whale, the deep dark cave of the hydra or dragon lair.

Time is short and this play does not have infinite time to reach completion. Hence the rush.

I do see many individuals that have reached the Balance/Death stage. They have begun to let go of their previous loyalties and beliefs and assumptions about life. That is very difficult. That is the benefit of 2020 vision.