Saturday Night Western Swing

Seems right to start with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

Leaving Tulsa, Some Asleep at the Wheel ...

Happy 248th Birthday Marine Corps

 A day for remembrance and celebration. 


Smoke on the Mountains

I took this shot exactly where I took the earlier sets showing autumn color. 

In the earlier set, you can see a morning shot with the usual "Smoky" mists that normally attend these mountains. The whole world is full of this smoke, for miles and miles in every direction, as wildfires burn all around us. Some of them are reported contained.

It's not a great weekend to send people out of the fire district, but several of us have long been scheduled for a big training thing this weekend. I'll be leaving at 0430 to attend that, and gone until Sunday night.

World on Fire

There are wildfires all over. There’s been so little rain that there’s a state burn ban, a county burn ban, and people are still out burning. Some idiot burning trash set off a huge fire that’s now burned a building in spite of many hours of firefighting efforts (in which I participated in an entirely minor and inconsequential way). The Smoky Mountains really are right now. 

This is the sort of thing that troubles my hopes for human freedom. We should not need a ban; it should be totally obvious that burning anything is irresponsible and stupid. All the same, people are out here starting fires. I’m not much for telling people what to do or how to live, but this kind of thing makes me wonder.