According to this story there is talk about making a sequel to Serenity. As a dyed in the wool Firefly fan I find this very exciting.

Help with the decision by buying the new release of Serenity.

I want to know what they will do about Wash!

Big Yellow Clue Bus Finally Stops At Yale....

Big Yellow Clue Bus Finally Stops At Yale....

...thus proving a fancy Ivy League education does produce *some* critical thinking skills:

Yale will be one of nearly 200 law schools that the Air Force’s judge advocate corps will visit this year, said Capt. Eric Merriam, the chief of recruiting for the corps.

“We appreciate the opportunity to explain the opportunities for qualified attorneys to serve the United States as members of the Air Force JAG Corps,” he said.

Still, the court decision does not appear to have stifled any bitterness over the recruiters’ visit. A coalition of law school faculty, students and staff members were to release a letter on Monday strongly disagreeing with the don’t ask, don’t tell policy, and gay rights activists at the law school planned a silent protest for the afternoon.

And not everyone here thinks that the fight was worth it. Stephen Vaden, a third-year law student and an opponent of don’t ask, don’t tell, said the school would be better able to effect change in the military’s policies if more students were exposed to career opportunities within the armed forces.

“I think that those individuals who want to change the don’t ask, don’t tell policy are going about it in completely the wrong way,” said Mr. Vaden, president of the Yale Law Republicans. “Standing in the courtroom, screaming ‘Discrimination!’ and trying to ban them from the law school,” he added, “they’re doing themselves more harm than good.”

Ms. Jeruss and other students said that their protest was not aimed at the recruiters personally, and Captain Merriam said that the JAG Corps’ recruitment efforts would not be affected by any dissent at Yale. But students promised that as long as the don’t ask, don’t tell policy was in effect, they would demonstrate whenever military recruiters travel here.

“We may not be able to stop the recruiters from coming, but we certainly still have the ability — and I think, the responsibility — to speak out,” said Addisu Demissie, a third-year law student. “That’s what we have left.”

Yep. Full and unfettered freedom of speech and the benefit of a first class legal education. Oh... and $350 million in federal grants. And in return, all you need do is allow the other guy an equal chance to present his position. If you can't make these things work in your favor, there is something seriously wrong with your position, wouldn't you say?

America. What a country.



The non-story about Media Matters misrepresentation about Rush Limbaugh’s comment about phony soldiers is the subject of this excellent article by Andrew C. McCarthy. Read it here.

What gets lost in the carping by the left about Rush’s comment is that Rush was talking about an earlier ABC News story by Charles Gibson entitled STOLEN VALOR that focused on scam artists posing as War heroes. Some of these poseurs have been very active in the anti-war movement.

It bears noting that few civilians have donated as much money to military charities as Rush Limbaugh. Whether you agree with him or not, his actions have demonstrated that servicemen and women have few supporters as generous as Rush Limbaugh.
"David Hume was talking bullshit"

-One of the commentors, over at Samizdata. At least it's not mincing words. Heh.

The post itself and the discussion in the comments are quite interesting, and is sort of a companion piece to my previous post on the violence in Burma, and failure of a lot of people to recognize it for what it is--the repression of an unarmed popluace by an armed government.

As author of the post says:
"In Burma, as in so many other places, many people seem to have thought
that opinion, namely the good intentions of the majority, were more important
than firepower - they appear to be mistaken."

I like that. I 'm going to steal that.
Presidential politics, made easy.

Take this quiz, and see who your candidate is.

Be honest, now.

(No, I don't know how its weighted.)
The picture made me laugh.

I think this is the first time I've seen this anywhrere else: Roger Simon over at Pajamas Media makes the case that had Al Gore won the 2000 election, the USA would be in largley the same place today.

Oh, and check out the comments. Michael Totten thinks so too!
Fantasies of the Left and Right.

So, Michael Scherer writes this piece for Salon, fantasizing about "religious conservatives" who are basically fantasizing about "blackmailing" Rudy Guilani (or any 'pro-choice' Republican candidate) over their views on abortion by backing a 'third party' anti-abortion candidate.

This is fantasizing on a lot of levels. First, there's the fantasy of clowns like James Dobson thinking that they really have some power to wield. Second, there's the fantasy of left wing writeres like Scherer, creating a boogey man of 'religious conservatives' that can be used to 'build up the hate' as I like to say. And it basically serves both sides. Dobson gets presented as being relevant, and Scherer gets to frighten his readers about this supposed threat from religious conservatives.

I find it ironic how they actually feed on each other.

Update: One of the guys over at Powerline thinks pretty much the same thing.