Wind Cave

Of all the hikes I have taken, this destination looks and feels most like it belongs in Arthurian myth. 

Off to the Rodeo

I’m Going to Jackson

A bona fide Stetson hat, with fake dirt, $265 new.

Flying into Jackson Hole airport (JAC) a week and a half ago, I rode a nearly empty jet with a completely full First Class cabin. 

Playground of the rich, the old cowboy town is a sad sight. All isn’t lost: at The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar I ran into a group of the Punishers MC, off-duty cops coming home from Sturgis. 

Mostly it’s just rich people wondering if people will consider their newly-purchased hats fake. I advised one lady that the straw hat she was considering would be legitimate until Labor Day. If you buy one of these faux-dirt Stetsons, Dude, you’re on your own. 

Conservatism Properly Understood

 I have long thought the true value of conservatism is it's cultural and philosophical component, as opposed to the various political movements contending for power under its banner. I certainly think that conservatism should be, and is, more than a single-minded focus on free market economics. The free market is simply a tool, a means to an end and not an end in and of itself. 

Consequently, I was pleasantly surprised to read this excellent article.  I had never heard of the poet Peter Viereck before, but thanks to Mr. Syck's article I was directed to Peter Viereck's equally excellent article, "But - I'm a Conservative! While I certainly didn't agree with every point he made, I still think his essay makes some valuable points that conservatives would do well to embrace. That essay reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from another conservative writer, Russell Kirk.


This should boost EV sales

First California wanted to force people to quit using gasoline to power their cars. Use the electric grid instead! Then it became apparent that an already stressed grid would get worse if California continued to close nuclear and fossil-fuel power plants, while at the same time encouraging drivers to charge up their EVs on the grid. The answer is breathtaking in its brilliance: if the grid is stressed, run the EV-charging stations backwards, so the EV batteries are drawn down to support the grid they're supposed to be using to charge up on. Apparently some EV charging systems already work as a two-way device, the idea being that owners might want to use them as emergency power for their households. The new idea is to require all EV charging systems to work that way, and not for the benefit of the owners' households but for the whole grid instead.

The Horse Pull

After a pleasant early dinner with Thos., I took my mother to the horse pull. 

The winner, pulling 9,500 pounds for over eight feet, was a local team. 

It’s an interesting sport. The ‘full pull’ is 27.5 feet for no reason anyone seems to know. They pull in stages that increase by a thousand pounds to eight thousand, then by five hundred each thereafter. Beautiful draft horses. 

Singing the Song of the Common Man

Virginian Oliver Anthony came across my twitter feed today, and instantly I'm a fan.  Have a listen and maybe you'll be too.

The song that got him attention is "Rich Men North of Richmond" (in other words, around D.C.)-

I also liked this Waylon cover of his, recorded on his cell phone, so forgive the sound quality-

And he seems like a pretty nice guy who it would be nice to sit a spell with-

(h/t @shouse)s://

Down Teton Canyon

Cowboy Cooking

My mother favors the ease of a propane grill at her age, so it’s not the wood fire I usually grill over. The steaks are legit, though. I found a real butcher and bought a whole Chuck eye roast, which I then further butchered into two Chuck eye steaks and two Denver steaks. 

Tonight I grilled them up for my mother and brother-in-law, served with Idaho potatoes and homemade dry chile salsas. Pretty decent eating, and for a fraction of what ribeyes would have cost. 

More Beer News

Giant Anheuser-Busch sells eight companies amid blue can beer struggles. Analysts suggest that there are long term problems across their brands, and that blue can may never recover. 

Good. Drink local. Here’s one crew of brewers I found out West. 

That Eugenics Though

Richard Dawkins says it out loud
It’s one thing to deplore eugenics on ideological, political, moral grounds. It’s quite another to conclude that it wouldn’t work in practice. Of course it would. It works for cows, horses, pigs, dogs & roses. Why on earth wouldn’t it work for humans? Facts ignore ideology.
I would argue that the reason it wouldn’t work is ideology. People would want to make more people of the kind they like, which would lead to failures in the species. Consider how Dalmatians are selected for color, but that means they’re now mostly stupid.

Generally speaking whenever people who think they’re smarter or better than others try to organize things ‘for the common good / the betterment of humanity’ they end up making things objectively worse. Sometimes it’s because their class interests blind them; sometimes they just aren’t as smart as they thought they were. Sometimes they’re plain evil, like Mao, and all that talk of improvement was smoke. 

Pig Wrestling

This county fair doesn’t disappoint. What better entertainment on a Monday night in August than pig wrestling?

Teton Canyon

New homes

Our first, somewhat experimental dog adoption day went well yesterday, with over half the animals placed. The numbers, though small, were big for a community this size. We'll keep working on getting the shelter population down to a manageable size.

It's good to work out the logistical bugs on an event like this. I'm not particularly experienced an organizing a volunteer army to handle all the details. It was a little chaotic at times, but people did show up to lend a hand. I believe we'll hold a series of events now that the word is trickling out about the urgent need.

Here's one of the lucky dogs in her new home, absolutely relaxed. She's been stuck in a cage for a long time.

A County Fair

Teton County is having its 100th anniversary fair this week. I dropped in for the afternoon. 

The Grand Teton under a darkening sky.