Sure he's awful, but look at his cool crew!

 How to get the kids excited about Biden:

He came up with what NextGen now calls “the Democratic Avengers,” after the Marvel movie featuring an ensemble of superheroes. The idea is that by voting for Biden, you’re voting not just for him; you’re voting for all of the Democrats—many of them cool and hip!—that Biden will have in his orbit. Biden might borrow policies from Warren, for example, or have Sanders as an adviser. “If he is elected, it won’t just be Joe Biden,” this message reads. “Biden has pledged to build an administration filled with progressive leaders, experts, and activists from inside and outside of politics.”
This idea went over really well, according to Wessel and Baumann. In the focus groups, one white Millennial said “the saving grace of this (potential) presidency would be his crew. If he actually chooses true progressives and activists, I will be surprised but happy to admit I misjudged him.”
I have to admit that in 2016 I was more interested in candidate Trump's Supreme Court picks than in himself.

Not a good look

 More accidental destruction of Crossfire Hurricane records.  "Like with a cloth?"

Police face deteriorating job conditions

Goat invades cop car, trashes it, head-butts deputy, and eats her paperwork.

This is CNN

 The best line:  

“You cannot be elected president of the United States without CNN.”
CNN is happy to help get you elected as long as you play ball! Politics no issue. True, it's Michael Cohen talking to Jeff Zucker, but you don't have to take the word of either of them, because it's on tape.

Enid & Geraint


Enid & Geraint

Once strong, from solid
Camelot he came
Glory with him, Geraint,
Whose sword tamed the wild.
Fabled the fortune he won,
Fame, and a wife.

The beasts he battled
With horn and lance;
Stood farms where fens lay.
When bandits returned
To old beast-holds
Geraint gave them the same.

And then long peace,
Purchased by the manful blade.
Light delights filled it,
Tournaments softened, tempered
By ladies; in peace lingers
the dream of safety.

They dreamed together. Darkness
Gathered on the old wood,
Wild things troubled the edges,
Then crept closer.
The whispers of weakness
Are echoed with evil.

At last even Enid
Whose eyes are as dusk
Looked on her Lord
And weighed him wanting.
Her gaze gored him:
He dressed in red-rust mail.

And put her on palfrey
To ride before or beside
And they went to the wilds,
Which were no longer
So far. Ill-used,
His sword hung beside.

By the long wood, where
Once he laid pastures,
The knight halted, horsed,
Gazing on the grim trees.
He opened his helm
Beholding a bandit realm.

Enid cried at the charge
Of a criminal clad in mail!
The Lord turned his horse,
Set his untended shield:
There lacked time, there
Lacked thought for more.

Villanous lance licked the
Ancient shield. It split,
Broke, that badge of the knight!
The spearhead searched
Old, rust-red mail.
Geraint awoke.

Master and black mount
Rediscovered their rich love,
And armor, though old
Though red with thick rust,
Broke the felon blade.
The spear to-brast, shattered.

And now Enid sees
In Geraint's cold eyes
What shivers her to the spine.
And now his hand
Draws the ill-used sword:
Ill-used, but well-forged.

And the shock from the spear-break
Rang from bandit-towers
Rattled the wood, and the world!
Men dwelt there in wonder.
Who had heard that tone?
They did not remember that sound.

His best spear broken
On old, rusted mail,
The felon sought his forest.
Enid's dusk eyes sense
The strength of old steel:
Geraint grips his reins.

And he winds his old horn,
And he spurs his proud horse,
And the wood to his wrath trembles.
And every bird
From the wild forest flies,
But the Ravens.


I'm watching the President's Michigan rally, where he just warned the crowd that, if Biden is elected, far-left lunatics won't only be running Democratic cities, they'll be in charge of the DOJ, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Supreme Court.

"Fake but Accurate" News

More from Neo's commenters, on the Jeffrey Goldberg travesty, which has been convincingly denied but still "rings true," which is the important part:


As another commenter said, it's fish bait.  If it gets viewers to click, who cares whether anyone believes it?

According to my anonymous sources, Dan Rather doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.  What is truth but a gut feeling that serves a purpose?

Meanwhile, Portland tries to recruit cops

 But the recruiting program is not going well.  This link is to the backstory for the video:

Mayor lies, city dies

The Rochester police force's leadership just resigned en masse, on principle.

As one of Neo's commenters said, the next time there's a drug-crazed guy out there endangering himself and others, Mayor Lovely Warren can go out there and deal with him personally.

My bipolar nephew is well known to the local police, who are kind to him when he's out of control.  Even so, he nearly died from aspiration-induced pneumonia after one of his dissolutions.  Being that mentally ill is deadly dangerous no matter how careful the police are, and that's before you get to the danger of being shot to prevent your doing something even more awful.  It's not to get better if we chase off all the police officers who possess either integrity or a self-preservation instinct.

Still Here, Huh?

So it’s been about a month, and I see that you’re still coming by thanks to Tex. It occurred to me that I should drop in to prepare the “Enid & Geraint” post on 9/11. 

Here’s a few shots to reward your loyalty, and give you a sense of what I’ve been doing instead of blogging. 


The guttering flame of academic freedom

But Yale appears to be keeping at least a couple of candles lit, to judge from the response of the dean of the School of Public Health to heretical statements by its epidemiologist Harvey Risch about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine:

“A bureaucracy that’s in bed with other forces that are causing them to make decisions that are not based on the science — that is killing Americans.”
Back in July, Sten H. Vermund, the dean of the Yale School of Public Health, defended Risch from criticism for findings that don’t correspond to mainstream opinion. “I have championed maintaining open academic discourse, including what some may view as unpopular voices. The tradition of academia is that faculty may do research, interpret their work, and disseminate their findings.”
“If persons disagree with Dr. Risch’s review of the literature, it would be advisable to disseminate the alternative scientific interpretations, perhaps through letters or other publications with alternative viewpoints to the American Journal of Epidemiology, Newsweek, or other outlets,” he added. “My role as Dean is not to suppress the work of the faculty, but rather, to support the academic freedom of our faculty, whether it is in the mainstream of thinking or is contrarian.”

San Francisco is a special place

The rules for government workers aren't quite the same as for the rest of you people, because trust the science.

The "R" word

Old and busted:  mostly peaceful protests.

New and chic:  radical protest tactics.

Some wishful thinking in the WaPo:
It also moves the needle of what is considered a peaceful protest. . . .

That may be true, depending on what ordinary voters think of WaPo's latest effort to avoid the word "riots."  Personally, I'm looking forward to President Trump's re-election after an evening of mostly successful D attempts to lock up electoral votes.

The face of the movement

Matt Taibbi warns: "If no one in the party says anything, Trump will argue, with some justice, this is the true face of his opposition."

This new Trump campaign ad makes the point visually in about 30 seconds.