Alt-Country That I Want to Like

I really like the sound of the Old 97's, but the lyrics ...

(Foul language and sexual content warnings apply, not to mention stupid drunkenness, immaturity, and word plays -- but it's Saturday. Best paired with something cheap and tasteless.)

Don't tell me you weren't warned.

CNN Report: Evil Trump Kidnaps Three People from North Korean Paradise

The Babylon Bee has them covered.

It Takes a Worried Man to Sing a Worried Song

The alt-country band Old 97's used a line from that in their song "Big Brown Eyes."

The (obvious) problem with equating skin color with "priviledge"

Mild language warning, (well deserved) emotional violence against a clueless leftist:

Speaking of Birthdays and Events on May 8

Friedrich August von Hayek was also born on that day. Karl Marx and Friedrich Hayek share a birthday. Huh.

Jerry Douglas, Edgar Meyer, Russ Barenberg

These three musicians put out one of my favorite instrumental albums, Skip, Hop, and Wobble. There's a clear bluegrass influence, but they take it new places.

You can listen to the whole thing on YouTube, but here are the first two tunes.

Kingship in the Viking Age

An essay on whether scholars are 'reading in' Anglo-Saxon values when they study the Norse sagas.

Grim's Hall

Some of you expressed thoughts about the place, including a request for photographs. Here are a few that give the sense of the place. You can see how much it resembles what you had thought it would look like.

Dragon's breath at sunrise.

Inside the hall.

Below the waterfall.

R. L. Burnside

Marking the Day

Karl Marx's birthday (pro, con)

Robert Johnson's birthday

VE Day


Best known for the theme song to the series Justified, Gangstagrass also has a couple of albums out.

Don't call my bluff

Rookie moves from a prosecutor who's more political than prosecutorial:
Alas, figuring that he was playing with the house money, Mueller made a reckless bet: He charged not only Russian individuals but three Russian businesses. A business doesn’t have the same risks as a person. A business can’t be thrown in jail. And while members of Mueller’s prosecutorial stable have a history of putting real businesses out of business, a business that is run by a Putin crony and serves as a front for Kremlin operations is not too worried about that either.
So . . . guess what? One of those Russian businesses, Concord Management and Consulting, wants its day in court. It has retained the Washington law firm of Reed Smith, two of whose partners, Eric Dubelier and Katherine Seikaly, have told Mueller that Concord is ready to have its trial — and by the way, let’s see all the discovery the law requires you to disclose, including all the evidence you say supports the extravagant allegations in the indictment.
Needless to say, Mueller’s team is not happy about this development since this is not a case they figured on having to prosecute to anything more than a successful press conference. So, they have sought delay on the astonishing ground that the defendant has not been properly served — notwithstanding that the defendant has shown up in court and asked to be arraigned.
What's even funnier is that they asked for a few weeks to brief that extraordinary position.

The Steeldrivers

This might be our theme song ...

Maybe add some horses and bikes, UH-60s, claymores ... but, pretty close.

Sunday Night Movie Music Video

Haven't done this in a while, but this caught my eye yesterday. I think I own all these movies. Mifune will hold his own against anybody you care to compare him with.

All My Hope Is in Jesus