Thank You, Mr. Broccoli:

A bold plan to restore glory to the Colosseum:

Gladiators are to return to Rome's most famous fight arena almost 2,000 years after their bloody sport last entertained Roman crowds, local authorities announced.

According to Umberto Broccoli, the head of archaeology at Rome's city council, 2009 will be a time for the five million people who visit the Colosseum each year to experience "the sights, sounds and smells" of ancient Rome.

"We do not need to enshrine historical sites and monuments, we need to make them more spectacular. Museums and monuments must speak to the public in a new way," Broccoli told the daily La Repubblica.
There's also a "gladiator slide show."

This reminds me of an old post from 2005.
Dennis the Peasant is an accountant by trade.

Its always interesting (to me anyway) to see a SME (Subject Matter Expert) comment on people who themselves, are commenting on subjects in the SME's knowledge domain.

It always makes me consider again the source. And that's a skill that is only going to be more and more important these days.