Hidden art

This makes me want to go thumb through some old books.

Apocalyptic skies

More from Rocket Science:  Skies like these would make me want to do a quick inventory of my life.

So that's how you do it

Trouble engaging strangers?

At first, Carrelli explained Trouble as a kind of sociological experiment in engineering spontaneous communication between strangers. She even conducted field research, she says, before opening the shop. “I did a study in New York and San Francisco, standing on the street holding a sandwich, saying hello to people. No one would talk to me. But if I stayed at that same street corner and I was holding a coconut? People would engage,” she said. “I wrote down exactly how many people talked to me.”

Friday Night AMV

I think even Grim would want one of these machines.

"Where did that come from?"

My husband suggests that the Martians have run behind the nearest rock, giggling hysterically.