A New Adventure

A New Adventure:

One of the luckiest men in the world has proven his luck again. He deserves it, though -- I hope you all will stop by to give him your very best.

Crusader's Return

"The Crusader's Return"

HIGH DEEDS achieved of knightly fame,
From Palestine the champion came;
The cross upon his shoulders borne,
Battle and blast had dimm’d and torn.
Each dint upon his batter’d shield
Was token of a foughten field;
And thus, beneath his lady’s bower,
He sung as fell the twilight hour:—

“Joy to the fair!—thy knight behold,
Return’d from yonder land of gold;
No wealth he brings, nor wealth can need,
Save his good arms and battle-steed
His spurs, to dash against a foe,
His lance and sword to lay him low;
Such all the trophies of his toil,
Such—and the hope of Tekla’s smile!

“Joy to the fair! whose constant knight
Her favour fired to feats of might;
Unnoted shall she not remain,
Where meet the bright and noble train;
Minstrel shall sing and herald tell—
‘Mark yonder maid of beauty well,
’Tis she for whose bright eyes were won
The listed field at Askalon!

“‘Note well her smile!—it edged the blade
Which fifty wives to widows made,
When, vain his strength and Mahound’s spell,
Iconium’s turban’d Soldan fell.
Seest thou her locks, whose sunny glow
Half shows, half shades, her neck of snow?
Twines not of them one golden thread,
But for its sake a Paynim bled.’

“Joy to the fair!—my name unknown,
Each deed, and all its praise thine own
Then, oh! unbar this churlish gate,
The night dew falls, the hour is late.
Inured to Syria’s glowing breath,
I feel the north breeze chill as death;
Let grateful love quell maiden shame,
And grant him bliss who brings thee fame.”
From Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott.

"And within a while it dawned."

Camel Dressage

Some Cavalry Videos:

Bthun sends a couple of remarkable videos. You knew that the great desert tribes had sometimes ridden to war, not on horses, but on camels. Would you like to see a camel who has been trained in the cavalry's arts?

That's something you won't see every time you go to the horse show. And it's real, which I doubt is true of this variation:

The other one he sent doesn't embed, but some of you -- especially a certain person I know who loves Rocky Mountain horses -- will enjoy this.