Across the Euphrates:

Some of you may recognize the bridge.

If you don't recognize the bridge, it has an interesting backstory.

The elections are coming up. I know Iraq isn't the story it used to be, but glance this way once in a while. We're not -- not quite -- finished here.

The guy over at the Volokh conspiracy is right; this is just creepy. (catch it at 3:54)

I could make all sorts of rude jokes on this, but I don't feel like polluting the hall like that. But Jeebus. What were they thinking? Do they realize how insane they sound? Not to mention how nobody is going to believe their bullshit?

Fort Apache

Fort Apache:

I was out at what used to be PB Inchon the other day -- not too long ago a real "Fort Apache." It's been turned over to the Iraqi Army now. They cooked up some rice and chicken for the patrol, and then we went on elsewhere.

There are few of the real outposts left, already -- when I was here a year ago we were still laying them in. Now they're already being handed over, or already have been handed over.

Country's getting old on me. Well, likely there will be another frontier somewhere else before it's over.

Sheep by the Water, Qarghuli Tribal Region:

Bill Faith

Bill Faith:

It was with surprise that I read in my email that Bill Faith has died. Bill Faith was the blogger who wrote "Small Town Veteran," one of the early milblogs -- he was a Veteran of the Vietnam conflict. He also founded Old War Dogs, which is where the poetry of Russ Vaughn is first published. That fact shows the quality of the men who chose to associate with him.

I hope his family finds peace in his memory. Though I knew him only online, he seemed to be a noble and kind man.