WELL. This is just plain fascinating.

Memeorandum, at 10:20pm EST on April 12th.

Senator Obama has, as the saying goes, stepped on his training aid; and reveals that he really does not have a clue. Either that, or he's just not experienced enough to act in the Kabuki theater that American presidential election politics has become lately.

And you know what else? I still think he's going to get nominated by the Democrats.

Now, as in wars, those who make the fewest (or maybe the smallest) mistakes typically win. McCain at this point just basically has to not make any big mistakes like this, and he's going to get elected President.
"You need to know where you stand with them at all times."

Not quite as good as 'More cowbell', but still.

Scenes from Savannah

Scenes from Savannah:

I'm still very busy.

Oh, I found out a secret. Cassandra's opened a store down here.

Think I'm making that up? Check out the store's T-shirt for the final, clenching proof:

The prosecution rests.

Thanks, Chuck.

Requiescat in pace.