Tulsi Gabbard to Run for President

If you don't have anything to do during primary season next year, you might give a thought to supporting Tulsi. She'll be running into the winds, between her support for religious liberty and her tangling with more powerful Democratic leaders. She's not likely to win, but she might force a debate among them that would be helpful; and if she did happen to win, her support for Assad aside, she served honorably in the military and has shown at least some deference to historic American principles.

When it comes to Democrats running for President next year, we could do worse.

What Did You Just Say?

The U.S. approved more than 5,000 requests by men to bring child or adolescent brides into the country over the past decade, enabling forced child marriages....

The requests and their approvals were apparently legal, according to government data obtained by The Associate Press, due to the fact that the Immigration and Nationality Act does not limit the age of spouses. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services also approves or denies requests based on whether the marriage is legal in the home country and the state of the applicant.

Yes, the Connection is Obvious

Bristol banning grilled cheese sandwiches in order to fight the formation of motorcycle clubs.

Nationalizing Elections

Under the traditional system, states run elections under state law even if they are for a Federal office. The Democrats would like to change that. Unsurprisingly, this is a wish-list of everything from "mandatory felon voting" to "mandatory registration to vote of everyone on welfare rolls." (Not everyone on welfare rolls is a citizen, but so what?)

Also, mandatory limits on states trying to make sure that voters aren't registered in two states at the same time. Hey, that sounds like an effort to ban checks on voter fraud. (So does 'mandatory same-day registration').

I'd like to see mandatory voter ID, of a sort that requires establishing citizenship -- a passport, or a certified birth certificate, or fully executed immigration and naturalization documentation.

Jorvik Viking Festival, Year 35

You still have more than a month to plan a vacation to York, if you'd like to participate this year. I've always wanted to go, but have never managed it so far.

A History of Assassination

"The trouble with many attempted assassinations is that the subject refuses to die."

Blade Runner Blues

Via Instapundit, a meditation on what 2019 looked like in film versus reality.

Horses Over Mulholland

A Bargain at the Price

The US is currently debating whether or not to spend $5 Billion constructing a partial steel fence along the southern border. The NYT reports that the US has spent $8 Billion on the Afghan Air Force -- which is still "struggling."

Which of these is really more relevant to US national security? Which one is more cost-effective?

Bless Me, What do They Teach Them at These Schools!

Unexpected Finding

Look at the Norway/Sweden split in this poll result.

Now, if I've understood AVI correctly, we should read the Scandinavian results of this poll less as phrased, and more as, 'I believe it is my social duty to answer that our culture is [better/worse].' The very fact that Scandinavians so readily submit to the dictates of their culture proves their faith in it; thus, the honest answer should be similar to the happiness surveys out of Scandinavia, where vast majorities answer that of course they are happy in spite of the long winter darkness.

If that's all correct, Norway's result is the more surprising, because it's only a majority and not a supermajority. Sweden is the expected supermajority, where the people have internalized that they're supposed to proclaim themselves no better than anyone else.

UPDATE: And could it really be true that only 36% of Frenchmen believe their culture is superior to others'? France should look like Greece if people were being honest.

Indian Science Congress: Ancient Demon Kings Had Planes

Surely, in this age of multicultural respect, we should all take these claims just as seriously as any others.
Nageswara Rao, a vice chancellor at Andhra University in South India, said that Ravana, a demon god with 10 heads, had 24 kinds of aircraft of varying sizes and capacities — and that India was making test-tube babies thousands of years ago.

Dinosaurs were created by the Hindu god Brahma, said Ashu Khosla, a scientist with expertise in paleontology at Panjab University in the North Indian city of Chandigarh....
Sadly, some haters have been making noise about this, much to the surprise of the organizers.
The organizers of the conference were taken aback. "This is the 106th edition of the Science Congress," said the group's general secretary Premendu P. Mathur in an interview with NPR. "Since 1914, we've had so many meaningful conversations with children on science. We've hosted Nobel laureates from around the world..."

About 15,000 scientists from India and around the world attend the conference every year, said Ashok Saxena, a zoologist and a former president of the congress, in an interview with NPR. They are a part of the 50,000-strong Indian Science Congress....

Among the famous attendees this year were three Nobel laureates: Hungarian-born Israeli biochemist Avram Hershko, who won the prize for chemistry in 2004; British-born physicist Duncan M. Haldane, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2016; and German-born American Nobel laureate for medicine in 2013, Thomas Christian Südho[.]
Why can't we all be devoted to the norms of inclusivity and acceptance?

Religious Tests

Out in Texas, Republican donors are getting nervous.
Republicans in one of the most populous counties in Texas will decide this week if they should remove a party vice chairman who is Muslim following allegations he has denied that suggest he prefers Islamic over U.S. law and opposes the GOP's pro-Israel stance.... Some have even speculated that the ouster of Shafi could drain fundraising efforts and jeopardize the party's 2020 campaign.... William Busby, a former precinct chairman and leader for the Tarrant County Republican Party [said], "Corporate donors, the big donors, don't want to be associated with a party that's going in the direction of excluding people based upon their religious beliefs."
So that's both parties, then.

Some Analysis of the Green New Deal

I apologize for linking to Twitchy, whose tone and format I neither enjoy, but it's a good single link to a series of posts.

UPDATE: "Growing number" of Dem 2020 hopefuls signing on to Green New Deal.

France to Ban "Unsanctioned Protests"

Guess who makes the decision on whether or not your protest is sanctioned?

All this started over an attempt to impose climate-change policies including new taxes.

Update on Angela Davis Story

The issue, she claims, was her criticism of Israel or, as she puts it, 'the indivisibility of justice.' The facts seem to support this:
In a statement expressing dismay at the controversy, Mayor Randall Woodfin of Birmingham said the decision had come amid “protests from our local Jewish community and some of its allies.”

The institute did say in its statement announcing the revocation that it had begun hearing from “concerned individuals and organizations” in late December, around the time the magazine Southern Jewish Life published a piece about the award by its editor, Larry Brook.
If true, it wasn't the communism or the violence and murder after all.

Russian Tactics Suppress Voter Turnout, May Have Swayed Close Election

Russian tactics, mind you. Democratic operatives.

Originally they used these in the Senate race against Roy Moore, who was admittedly a lousy guy and deserved to lose. That success brought them more funding, apparently, because they pushed this campaign through the 2018 midterms, suppressing Republican turnout and targeting close districts.

I suppose this will be a huge story, right?

Nothing Says "Right Wing Extremist" Like A Nose Ring

A video making the rounds purports to be of a young German lady who was stopped by the police and questioned about her political opinions 'for wearing braids.'

I'm not sure of the truth of the facts, but it's something to watch out for as the elite begins to worry more and more about 'the right.' Ironically for all that he's painted as a fascist/Nazi/Hitler, President Trump is a bulwark against this kind of thing happening in America. It was President Obama's crew who engaged in targeting exercises like the IRS scandal, or Operation Choke Point. No similar things are likely to happen under Trump, whose relations with DOJ are spectacularly bad.

Tulsi Gabbard vs. Anti-Catholic Bigots

For reasons best known to her, Rep. Gabbard -- a veteran of honorable service -- decided to support Syria's tyrant, Bashar al-Assad. I was sorry about that, as it was a significant error in judgment. It's nice to see her getting this one right.

In the process, she's taking on two more powerful Democratic legislators, Sens. Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono, as well as Diane Feinstein by name. I hope it will prove a useful corrective.

Universal Goods

California's new governor promises "Sanctuary to all that shall seek it." New York City promises "comprehensive health care for all."

Leaving apart the problem of building any kind of community with a constantly shifting population who shares neither common values nor history nor even a common tongue, did I sleep through the part where economic scarcity was finally overcome?

Short Selling, Explained

BB: With Gov't Shut Down, Citizens Must Interfere in Own Lives

One of the primary functions of the government is to ignorantly muck around in the business of others, but the shutdown has hampered that. Thus citizens have been forced to try to fill that void themselves. “Today I just suddenly decided large sodas weren’t allowed,” said Morgan. “It was an annoying, pointless obstacle the whole day—it was like the government was still around.”

“I arbitrarily decided I couldn’t use plastic bags in school lunches,” said Arlene Williams, mother of three. “It was really irritating to deal with. It really made me feel like there was still some bureaucrat out there not caring about me.”
I've imposed Prohibition on myself for the month of January, rather than waiting for Lent like usual. So far I haven't started a criminal organization to smuggle booze, but I suppose there's still time.

Broadcasting In the Clear

For a fairly long time now, those of us concerned about criticisms of 'toxic' masculinity have wondered if it wasn't really just a criticism of masculinity. The APA has finally dropped the mask.
APA has issued its first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys. They draw on more than 40 years of research showing that traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful and that socializing boys to suppress their emotions causes damage[.]
More and more I think that psychology/psychiatry is chiefly just bad philosophy -- but dressed up as medicine, so people act as if it were a technologically secure basis for decision-making. Freud did more damage to our society perhaps even than Marx, though we rarely talk about how badly he's damaged us by convincing us that people are largely unconscious machines in need of programming and shaping rather than convincing and persuading. That convinced our governing elites that the people were a dangerous mob in need of systems of control, and our fellow citizens that the half who disagreed with them were monsters persuaded only by the Id.

You can't unring a bell, and bad philosophy can poison a culture as thoroughly as Romans salting the earth of Carthage.

Saudi Arabia More Gender Equal than the USA

And women are the ones who are better off, new study claims.

I'm feeling a little skeptical.

Conservatives Against... Conservatives

The Bulwark is the title of a new online magazine designed to oppose Trump. From the right, allegedly, but 'opposing Trump' is what it's all about.

Going Both Ways

Angela Davis -- heroine of the Civil Rights Movement, Black Panther, once honored by the Rolling Stones while facing murder charges, also a member of the Communist Party USA -- has been denied a high honor by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

She was originally approved, and then the offer was withdrawn after public comment. They didn't explain exactly what it was that caused them to change their mind. I'd be interested to know.