Indian Science Congress: Ancient Demon Kings Had Planes

Surely, in this age of multicultural respect, we should all take these claims just as seriously as any others.
Nageswara Rao, a vice chancellor at Andhra University in South India, said that Ravana, a demon god with 10 heads, had 24 kinds of aircraft of varying sizes and capacities — and that India was making test-tube babies thousands of years ago.

Dinosaurs were created by the Hindu god Brahma, said Ashu Khosla, a scientist with expertise in paleontology at Panjab University in the North Indian city of Chandigarh....
Sadly, some haters have been making noise about this, much to the surprise of the organizers.
The organizers of the conference were taken aback. "This is the 106th edition of the Science Congress," said the group's general secretary Premendu P. Mathur in an interview with NPR. "Since 1914, we've had so many meaningful conversations with children on science. We've hosted Nobel laureates from around the world..."

About 15,000 scientists from India and around the world attend the conference every year, said Ashok Saxena, a zoologist and a former president of the congress, in an interview with NPR. They are a part of the 50,000-strong Indian Science Congress....

Among the famous attendees this year were three Nobel laureates: Hungarian-born Israeli biochemist Avram Hershko, who won the prize for chemistry in 2004; British-born physicist Duncan M. Haldane, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2016; and German-born American Nobel laureate for medicine in 2013, Thomas Christian Südho[.]
Why can't we all be devoted to the norms of inclusivity and acceptance?


E Hines said...

Sadly, neither Nageswara Rao nor the haters have any understanding of three-dimensional time.

Eric Hines

Ymarsakar said...

Neither did Einstein.

They are in the same boat, except the Vedics had astroscience on their side.

The Einstein Relativity theory fails in describing galaxies by 120 zeroes.