Enchiridion XXXVIII


As in walking you take care not to tread upon a nail, or turn your foot, so likewise take care not to hurt the ruling faculty of your mind. And if we were to guard against this in every action, we should enter upon action more safely. 


james said...

Would he approve of the law proposed by Pittacus of Mytilene: "A crime committed by a person when drunk should receive double the punishment that it would merit if the offender were sober?"

Grim said...

I'm not sure where Epictetus would be on that. I think here it's pragmatic advice: you know you're going to get upset if you go read about XYZ, so why do that to yourself? If it's outside your power, why not spend the evening meditating or reading a good book instead? You know that it's a bad idea to go by that place where your ex works, so why not avoid going instead? Etc.