Canada Clears Ambassador Bridge

The bridge had been closed for a week of business days. It sounds like almost everyone had gone home of their own accord by this morning.
"A 27 yr old male was arrested at Huron Church Rd at Millen St. for a criminal offence in relation to the demonstration. Officers will intervene when necessary to ensure the safety of the public & maintain peace & order," the Windsor Police tweeted late Saturday. 

The arrests come after a Canadian judge ordered the protesters to vacate the area on Friday. Windsor Police said Sunday morning they are taking a "zero tolerance" policy toward "illegal activity." 

Only two pickup trucks and less than a dozen protesters blocked the road to the bridge before police moved in.

That means they can put the blockade back, using trucks that aren't easy to tow, whenever they want. Round one is over at the bridge, but not elsewhere. 

UPDATE: The American Mind has a piece by a central organizer on the future of the work, and their intent to remain outside Parliament until they win or are removed by force.


Dad29 said...

The truckers closed the Pacific Coast highway/crossing yesterday.

It's like whack-a-mole!

ymarsakar said...

Take a break, this is more than enough to start the escalation.

I still have a few months to get the J6 gulag people out of there. It is rather difficult, some of them have signed contracts to be there.