Illicit Profit

The Department of Justice goes Communist

Inflation is treason, comrade. 


Anonymous said...

Grab power, cause problems, blame others, grab power, cause problems, rinse and repeat. It's not about communism, it's about power and control. We say they do these things because dumb, misguided, or whatever, but look where we are now and there is a pattern. We even have them on record saying what they are doing, but the media covers it up and gaslights us.

Stc Michael

E Hines said...

Communism makes a handy scapegoat, and holding that ideology to account for this or that action often is justified.

This Biden-Harris move with his DOJ, though, smacks of something simpler and more direct than that: a variation on the Democratic Party's capital strike beef of the FDR Depression years, centered on all those greedy capitalists not doing what FDR wanted them to do.

Eric Hines

Aggie said...

Shall we begin with the companies starting with the letter 'P' with second-letter consonants?

Grim said...

Certainly not. Why, their products are free! We keep being told so, anyway.

douglas said...

Mr. Hines- remember, FDR had communists in high positions in his government and advisors. Blaming the communists has rarely turned out wrong.