Haud Hogmanay

You’ve all been around here long enough to know about Hogmanay

Venison steak pie.

Have a merry one. 

The Feast Day of Sebastian I

The 31st of December was the death day of Pope Sebastian I, later canonized as St. Sebastian I. He was Pope at the time of the conversion of the Roman Empire under Constantine the Great, and as such was an important influence on the Roman Catholic Church as it assumed a new role at the center of Western life. 

Also today marks the death day of Pope Benedict XVI. May his soul rest in peace. 

There's looting, and then there's this guy

Merry Christmas, Jay.


It's hard to beat either Bonnie Raitt or Allison Krauss, but I wouldn't have guessed they'd sing so well together. "You and I were created to be true."

Feast of the Holy Family

This one of the 12 Days of Christmas travels around the calendar. It’s normally the Sunday after Christmas, but when Christmas itself falls on a Sunday it’s 30 December. 

The intent of this feast is to celebrate the Holy Family, and to draw inspiration from them for your own family. 

Year-Round Riding

 It’s always nice to get a warm day in the wintertime. 

The Feast of Thomas a Becket

A martyr, St. Thomas of Becket was the Archbishop of Canterbury. I assume that the story is well known here. 

Crum’s Grim Hot Sauce

Continuing the theme of women buying me military-themed hot sauces, I received this Christmas the following entries from Crum’s Sauces of Alexandria, VA. This company is Veteran owned and donates 5% of profits to the Green Beret Foundation. 

Crum’s Grim is I gather its flagship sauce, made of Carolina Reaper peppers. It’s nicely flavored, and is supported by an array of recipes at their website. 

The Peach Habanero sauce is quite pleasant, though not killer-hot. 


Home cam his guid horse, but never cam he

The Feast of John the Evangelist

The third day of Christmas is the feast day of the author of the Gospel according to John, the one most influenced by Greek philosophy. 

"Bach Was A Hired Gun"

 A strange line in a piece on sacred music.

Where Beethoven composed for eternity, Bach was a hired gun, concerned day-to-day with writing a banger for church on Sunday and providing for his huge family – 20 children from two marriages (his first wife died in 1720). We can guess, because Bach was hopeless at preserving the music of predecessors at his many postings, that he probably did not expect anyone to keep a record of his. 

Bach wrote music of eternal beauty for all of that -- as well as some 'bangers,' as they say.

The Feast of Stephen

The High Feast of Christmas

The giant laughter of Christian men
That roars through a thousand tales,
Where greed is an ape and pride is an ass,
And Jack's away with his master's lass,
And the miser is banged with all his brass,
The farmer with all his flails;

Tales that tumble and tales that trick,
Yet end not all in scorning—
Of kings and clowns in a merry plight,
And the clock gone wrong and the world gone right,
That the mummers sing upon Christmas night
And Christmas Day in the morning.
-Chesterton, "Ballad of the White Horse"

Merry Christmas

In the spirit of the Midnight Mass, I send you greetings on the earliest hour. Enjoy these songs from last year's Christmas.