Goodbye to Mordor

This trip went so “well” that I bought myself another one next month, but in the meantime it’s home for the holidays. We are wheels-up out of here in a few minutes. 

Thank goodness. 

UPDATE: Wheels down Asheville. Now just a ride up to the mountains of home. 

Release the Kraken

On my last night up here, a friend took me to see a holiday lights display. It was unusual. 

Tomorrow afternoon I fly home, and gladly so. 

Great Falls

The mighty Potomac river, just at the fall line above the District of Columbia. 

You Don’t Say

One in five mail in voters from 2020’s Presidential election admit fraud

Secret Video of Trump Planning the Insurrection Released

Or, you know, a cartoon of Trump planning the insurrection. I can't tell the difference anymore.

A Less Clear Case

It’s pretty clear to me that this Ott fellow didn’t do anything that merits 20 years to life. Maybe ‘things went a little bit far,’ as he says, but I wouldn’t convict him if I were on his jury. If anything I would say that you’d have to go a lot further in these circumstances before I would send you down for any kind of felony. Thirty days, maybe. “Next time, call the sheriff and let his deputies be the ones to beat him up.”

Mordor on the Potomac

There’s actually a nice little Christmas night market going on by the National Portrait Gallery. It’s like the German ones except without mulled wine. 

This town is ridiculously expensive. The average salary is $83K, which neatly inverts the average of $38K where I live (in neighboring Swain County, it’s $29K). As a result prices are sky high, and since they all live off tax revenue taxes are too. 

They can thereby afford nice stuff. And they inherited a lot from earlier, better generations of American leadership. Here’s DuPont Circle’s memorial:

It honors an admiral from the DuPont family who is credited with making the Union blockade of the South effective during the Civil War. That was a real trick, and a large reason for the Union victory. Most people don’t know how badly the Navy was prepared for the war, or that it lost so many sailors— and fully half the Marines— to the Confederacy. He was aided by some significant missteps by the Confederate government, but it was still a real accomplishment.

The DuPonts were important to North Carolina too; there’s a state forest named after them not too far away from me. They did well for themselves and their government, both of which profited from their work. Not so much the people, who are still poor but paying their taxes. 

Bonds of Honor

A community of farmers in Mexico takes on a cartel

The cartel had body armor and assault rifles; the farmers, shotguns and machetes. The government turned its back on them and left them at the cartel’s mercy. 

Because they stood together as men of honor, though outgunned they slaughtered their enemies — and fed their families. 

Off to the NCR

Although in general my profession pleases me, I do have to make the occasional trip to the National Capital Region. Next week will be one such trip. Blogging may be light because, in spite of the opinions of the Wise, very little of actual interest happens there. 

If any of you happened to be passing through town at the same time, let me know. I trust most of you have better taste.