A retired Marine officer has wise words that will, sadly, not be heeded. 


ymarsakar said...

The bigger problem rests with the injection results.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Without commenting on Denninger in particular, who may turn out to be fine, I have to ask: Ymar, can you point to a conspiracy theory you don't believe in? Does it not seem strange to you that the obvious explanations are never right in your eyes, that the answer must always be something hidden, known only to the special few like you who see through everything?

I'm pretty used to your interpreting all events as confirmation of something you've said before, even though it isn't. If you are that good, join one of the prediction sites or make your fortune in the stock market. I'm thinking you don't actually like accountability and hard information that much.

Or don't. I spent too much of my career with this type of thinking, impervious to all reason.

Grim said...

Off topic as usual, too.

Grim said...

You know, it's been a long time since I had any kind of post about vaccinations here. It'd be hard for a comment like that to be ON topic. If you're reading the Stoic posts, you should know why. We've all made our decisions; we've done what we thought was right or best according to what we understood. Whatever happens now doesn't really matter.

Maybe it gives people AIDS. Maybe everyone dies of heart attacks. Maybe it's just the mRNA ones that kill people. Maybe they're just fine. None of that matters. What matters was that we thought it through, considered what we thought was our duty, and did what we thought was best. Those decisions are all made now. The rest doesn't matter. We did our best, and no one has standing to argue with that. Whether we live or die is a small matter besides having done what we thought was right when it was hard.

douglas said...

On topic, that is excellent, what the LtGen is saying- however the problem, as I detect it, is that all the guys like him that get it are retired or have been pushed out. How does one undo that?