He has identified the contradiction

The title of this Intelligencer piece is "Pro-worker conservatives are just union-busters in disguise," though what the article itself is saying is closer to "Conservatives are appealing to workers more and more, even though we believe the workers are mistaken about their own best interests." A conservative worker might put it a different way and say "Pro-union progressives are just union-boss-lovers in disguise, and will drop the actual workers in the ditch without a second thought."

"The Republican Party," the author complains, "has an interest in spotlighting the political divides between culturally conservative workers and progressive union officials."  As usual, the leftist spin is not that union officials are ignoring the preferences of the members whose dues buy their country houses, but that Republicans have pounced on a weakness and engaged in their usual divisive tactics, using a wedge issue to show union members that they have a good reason to resent the use of their dues to support a party whose platform they abhor.

The author complains further that "Republicans do not need to advance working-class interests in order to gain working-class vote share."  Now, why might that be?  Because workers have an idea what they want out of a political system, and the Democratic party platform ain't it?  Are we really supposed to believe it's unfair that Republicans can get workers to vote for them because they have outperformed Democrats in identifying what the workers want?


Anonymous said...

Not long after the American Airlines- TWA merger, I got an earful and a half, with a few bags more for good measure, about how the unions (ALPA and the ground crew and mechanics unions) had sold out the working people at TWA. The gal was, let us say, vehement in her dislike for union leadership. The administrators of the union were NOT on the side of the rank-and-file membership, according to her. She and her husband had both worked for TWA. It was an educational hour or so. (I was waiting for my med-crew to come back from transferring a patient.)


J Melcher said...

A similar problem exists with NGOs like the NRA, AARP, National association of school boards, ...

The administration of the united methodist church holds different views on "the discipline" than majority of the laity.