Boots Not Made for Walking

A top nuclear DOE official the Biden administration has hired has an interesting choice of footwear.
Sam has worn his stilettos to Congress to advise legislators about nuclear policy and to the White House where he advised President Obama and Michelle Obama on LGBT issues. He shows young men and women everywhere he goes that they can be who they are and gives them courage. Once, while he was walking around Disney World in 6 inch stilettos with his boyfriend, a young gay boy saw Sam with his boyfriend and started crying. He told his mother, ‘”t’s true, Mom. WE can be our own princess here.”
I shouldn't talk. I've worn both cowboy boots and combat boots to the White House campus, though in my case it was just the Old Executive Building / Eisenhower Building to meet with the NSC. Sometimes you just need to go with what feels most comfortable on your feet.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone can walk in those things. Anything more than a 2 1/2 inch heel and I'm done. But my rule of thumb is "can I run in these shoes?" Dress shoes, boots, you name it. If the answer is "no," then I won't wear them. I tend to wear boots most of the time, either paddock-style or English riding-boot style, since I wear long skirts to work.


E Hines said...

Personally, I think heels are foolish, and they make the women who wear them look foolish. (The men who wear them are already foolish, but that's another story.) They do too much damage to phalanges, metatarsi, tarsi, Achilles tendons, all the way up into the hamstrings.

Eric Hines

Aggie said...

Are we absolutely sure he hasn't been working with the country's nuclear waste all along?

Deevs said...

So, that Disneyland story is clearly in the "Things that never happened" column, right?

Anonymous said...

Deeves, I'd be very, very suspicious as to the veracity of the tale. Very suspicious.