Getting Warmer

The President keeps using this word, heretofore unfairly, but his opponents are drifting more and more in the direction of making him right.


E Hines said...

You're being legalist. Trump has always used the word metaphorically.

Just like the rest of us when we talk about treason in any milieu outside the law. Just like we used to always cry, "There otta be a law." Which also used to be a "joke" column in Reader's Digest.

Trump generally means what he's saying, except when he's trolling. But it's important to listen to a marketer's message, not how the message is delivered.

Eric Hines

ymarsakar said...

I think Trump actually means it now. May be related to Q anon drops or other things he was briefed on, sealed indictments, etc.

bdoran said...

He’s all talk so far on this, his own CJCS is guilty of sedition. And his SMADGE. Note they would have no troops that would follow them, but they can and did refuse to restore order.

Maybe he’s found the moral fiber to be a war leader but I doubt it. He’s lost the DC military, but I’ve never thought he had this in him.
In fairness he ran as peace and prosperity, and he delivered both, both now gone.

The man we need would have arrested Comey and Brennan the first day for attempting to Blackmail him with the dossier.
As late as Impeachment he could have acted to save the Republic from conspiracy in the open - as Cicero stopped Palantine. He simply does not want the wet stuff on his hands.

This is no war leader. Sad to say, and we’ll suffer the sorting process to find one.

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