Do Not Trouble the Ghost of Andrew Jackson

Protesters / insurgents tonight met up with a stronger response than they were expecting. The President is idly mentioning that this targeting of Federal monuments is a serious felony, which you might not have realized from the last few weeks.

I read that the Old Guard hopefully issued bayonets and ammunition when this first started. Andrew Jackson would approve.


Gringo said...

Better he had said it several years ago at the same time he had predicted that the list of statues to topple wouldn't be confined to Confederate heroes.

Grim said...

Turns out he was right about that, eh? The slippery slope wasn't even a long one.

ymarsakar said...

Andrew Jackson is the real deal. But the ones that came after using his coat tails, didn't have his virtues, just his vices.

It wasn't that hard to be right about that, Grim, given human psychology in America.

People said similar things about Gaystapo enforced marriage. That it would lead to other anti tradition forms.

Now we have transgender restrooms? What does that have to do with gay marriage... but you give activists an opportunity and they will take it. Just look at Veritas.

ymarsakar said...

They going after my boi, Yeshua, now, Grim.

What kind of human horror or reality funny tv show is this? I don't know.

Holy heck the AI verification showed me statues just now. Are they using AI photo recognition to check where all the statues are now?

ymarsakar said...


Hehe, Grim. If these "insurgents" were American patriots.... the State would massacre them worse than Waco 1 and Waco 2 put together.

Come on, we all know that is so, don't we.

So just slap a maga hat on those Antifa, infiltrate them, and blow them up.

Trump has leaked enough stuff that it is quite obvious that Q, the US military as I mentioned in my World post Monday, is running some kind of counter insurgency op on Leftists and America at large.

Trump is patient. How is he so patient? He has time for Bolton for god's sakes. He even said in his Tulsa rally, "let people see what Dem" rule is about or some such.

Let people see? THat's the same logic as Q wrote.

ymarsakar said...

The unverified rumor mill for military intel on this, is that Trump's faction or Q's faction, already has everything they need on Sores and Antifa. And Q's posts in 2017 corroborates this, given they listed exactly what Antifa/Sorws/BLM are doing in 2020.

Somebody knows what is going on.

A significant portion if not the majority, of the US government only work for the Deep State. They still grew up in your country, Grim, fed on patriotism and American pie/traditions. Do you think they like working for the Deep State? They don't, but they are like Roberts. BLackmail keeps them in line. Leverage.

That's why the whistleblower strategy doesn't work. The American people have to see for themselves the corruption first hand, and not just from a whistleblower that can be taken apart, killed, silenced, or discredited.

Trump can get on twitter or news now and tell us what he knows. But he does not. He holds it in, just as he did with that whole ramp shenanigan. This is the mentality of a predator or operative, not of a "punch back 1000 times harder" socialmedia warrior or his mentality in 2015, talking about Ted Cruz (his friend) 's father being in on the Castro/JFK hit.

Grim said...

“They going after my boi, Yeshua, now, Grim.”

John 15:18-21.