A Shame on our Nation

Another statue:
A few weeks ago, Tadeusz Kościuszko’s monument was vandalized. President @AndrzejDuda begins his visit in #WashingtonDC by paying tribute to a proponent for the abolition of slavery, a distinguished son of #Poland, and hero of the American Revolution. We remember your sacrifice!
They have a right to wonder why we have let the name of their beloved son be slandered.


ymarsakar said...

These are coordinated. Funded by American traitor or foreign activist, G Soros (or his heirs).

It seems I have quit hearing the "Ymar is trying to take away Soros' free speech rights" line of thinking.

That's good. Not enough.

These mobs, Grim, are just a distraction. By the time people wake up to this war, it will already be over.

Just relax/survive until 2021.

ymarsakar said...

Humans have forgotten even the name of the Sons of God. They didn't have a J sound in Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek back it. It was more like Yeshua, Y as in YHVH, and I in Io.

They have forgotten the name of XXXX and worship Bhaal (Lord) now.

ymarsakar said...


The Lord of the Air. The ruler of this world.

The Flying Dracos with their motherships. Oops, went too far. Haha. More on that in Ymar's world, future episodes.

MikeD said...

Didn't we have Ymar posts to limit this kind of literary stream of consciousness writing on discussion posts?

I'm sorry Grim, I have done my utmost to basically just ignore Ymar for the past few years, and I had hoped that your giving him a space in which he could post this stuff would limit it, but it absolutely does kill discussions when he drops word vomit like this. I mean it. He actively makes me avoid threads when he engages in this stuff. And polite silence has held too long with no change in his behavior. I apologize for the confrontational nature of this message, but I literally am past my wits end with it.

E Hines said...

I don't worry about it. I just skip over his commentary and deal with the meat of the thread.

On a lady's erstwhile blog, he was much more serious. However, since then it seems someone has messed with his timeline.

Eric Hines