Muscular dialoguing

From HotAir via Maggie's Farm: another "mostly peaceful" demonstration in Madison, Wisconsin, last night that started with a guy haranguing restaurant patrons saying "I'm disturbing the peace and I've got a bat" (with "Black Lives Matter" helpfully painted on it), followed by his (resisted) arrest, followed by a riot that included beating up a state senator and leaving him on the ground. Also from Maggie's Farm: but we were protected from violence when Twitter censored a dangerous Trump tweet. I'm so old, I can remember when we were being lectured about over-reacting to "non-violent" riots because they only destroyed property, which can recover, unlike bodies. It could be worse. We could be fishing dozens of bodies out of storm drains. Maybe we will be soon, if we keep trying to pretend that violence isn't violence, or that the real violence is silence, or whatever new drivel is being peddled with every new day.


E Hines said...

No need to mess with storm drains, but I do have some candidates for modeling the latest in concrete galoshes.

Eric Hines

ymarsakar said...

Apparently Atlanta is still here. That's good.

raven said...

They keep pushing hoping for a bloody shirt to wave. It will be most interesting if the response is not governmental in nature, but organic, from the rest of the deplorables.
I watched a bit of the clip, and having some guy follow me around with a bullhorn and baseball bat would really get my dander up.

Today my wife went to the store- there was a black woman outside with a sign saying "BLM does not represent me". What a breath of fresh air.

james said...

I got to thinking about that baseball bat guy in Coopers (I've eaten there), and wondering what would have been the best way to deal with him. He was obviously threatening, but at a low enough level that counter-force would (and did) make him look like a martyr. And the riot came on schedule.

Something to make him look silly might have helped stop some instance of harassment (whipped cream sprayed into his bullhorn?), but this was a pattern of his. He'd been doing it up and down State Street for several days. There was probably no way to keep him from becoming the cause celebre he wanted to be. (I gather he's one of the "Black Israelites too)