I normally enjoy the New York Post, but this is off-base:  "Democrats in Congress just doomed police reform."  There's no reason for the United States Congress to be involved in any "police reform" except as concerns federal police agencies like the FBI, which admittedly could use some work.  If a local police force work needs work, state and local officials should be taking care of it, unless we want to see results every bit an inspiring as those that resulted from federal reform of public schools.

The underlying red/blue political argument I do get, of course.


E Hines said...

To the extent the Feds push money and goodies to State and local jurisdictions for police departments, the Federal government has a role to play in police reform. What the Republicans have been proposing center on influencers--manipulating the funding and equipment transfers--rather than the diktats the Progressive-Democrats keep trying to foist.

It wouldn't hurt my feelings, though, to see Federal funds transfers to the States--which is to say the taxes paid by one State's citizens transferred to the governments of other States--ended altogether, no matter the allegedly high-minded purpose.

I do disagree with Grim in one respect (I suspect): I don't mind equipment transfers to the extent needed to ensure 1) the police are at least as well-armed as the threat they're invited to face, and 2) equipped well enough to apply overwhelming force in situations where the thug gangs are rampant, as with the current rioting, looting, and statue destroying.

Eric Hines

bdoran said...

Examine the mechanisms of The Consent Decrees by DOJ and you will see the heart of many Federal quarrels. Also one of the most important mechanisms of our ongoing Feudalization. Its devious too, the consenting govt pays - thereby removing Congress from the oversight loop.

ymarsakar said...

Minor link problem. I read the article. This is government using terrorists for political gain