This story about destroying Jesus and Mary statues and stained glass windows has actually been developing for a good part of a week to my certain knowledge; I was watching a woman argue that Christianity's use in colonialism meant that Christianity itself was impossibly wrapped up in white supremacy. Shaun King is at least only interested in destroying 'white Jesus' (and Mary, and priceless artworks dating back many centuries). That woman wanted to eliminate Christianity per se for practitioners' crimes against wokeness.

There remains an open question about whether we shall be allowed to convert to a more acceptable faith, perhaps one of the gay-and-trans-friendly versions of Islam, certainly not Orthodox Judaism; or whether, as in Communist China, we are required to become Scientific Atheists in order to maintain our social credit.

If you are interested in social credit. Maybe it's not the kind of treasure that's really worth having.


ymarsakar said...

For fasting, it is called intermittent eating now.

1 meal a day is good enough, even for those that work physically for 6-8 hours a day.

The more the liver and stomach has to input energy to digest food, the more inefficient it becomes. Thus animals and humans stop wanting to eat when they get sick, because it allows them to purge toxins. Eating worldly foods, takesi n worldly toxins. Toxins that require energy to purge.

Dad29 said...

If you are interested in social credit.

Looks like CJRoberts' lifelong ambition is to accumulate as much as he can.

E Hines said...

in Communist China...in order to maintain our social credit.

The answer there is to actively look for the lowest credit scores--those are the folks most trustworthy.

I can say, too, with the reliability of a perfect correlation (n=1), when my college dorm tried to haze us entering freshmen, they maintained a Sh** List on which were recorded the names of us preps who misbehaved and were awarded Sh** Points. Their idea was that the one who accumulated the most would get some sort of supposedly funny humiliation; we were supposed to be suitably compliant in order to avoid such a fate.

Hah. A couple of us decided we were going to simply run up our scores, thereby making a mockery of the thing. The whole hazing program was called off after a day and a half.

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

Everything's infected by everything else. I say we dust off and nuke the site from orbit; it's the only way to be sure.

E Hines said...

I say we dust off and nuke the site from orbit; it's the only way to be sure.

Nah. Gas does the big jobs better for less.

And neutron bombs also leave the infrastructure intact.

Eric Hines

ymarsakar said...

Nukes won't be allowed to be used. It has deleterious effects on the stars.

ymarsakar said...

Americans use a social credit system. It's called the number of comments on Disqus below the number of likes. That is your "ratio".

Also Facebook collects "likes" and ytube "subs".

This is your Social Credit score.

Ymar has like Zero, and I've been hard keeping it that way for decades.

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