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Friday. All metaphysical commentary goes here.


ymarsakar said...

Because Mercury is in retrograde, I don't have much to say independent of the other things going on. This will speed up and explode, later on when things start moving normally.

It could be called writer's block. There is still plenty of things to write about. The Law of One. Q Anon is always popular. Trump's twitter messages, often a laugh, and useful intel.

Aliens, never forget about aliens and asteroids.

ymarsakar said...

I am sticking to the topics that people have a chance to comprehend. The esoteric stuff that uses English but not English, I won't link here yet. Or rather, I already linked them in the past, but I haven't bothered to explain what they are talking about.


I took Grim's introduction of this topic and went a different way, as usual.

It's because while I have healing abilities directly, I never felt the call to play a cleric or priest class in the game. Now I realize... ah, that makes perfect sense. A priest or cleric of a god, playing a priest or cleric of another god in a game, is called betrayal or idol worship! Haha

No wonder, I could only ever play NPC companion characters that had their own backstory and gods they worship or church they followed. When it came to creating my own character, a representation of myself, a cleric healer was never something I could choose, even though the playstyle fit me.

ymarsakar said...

Also, I am taking requests for topics. I can't read your mind, yet, so communication is still required. This Service to Other project is pretty much open to everyone, even including Heyl-El.

ymarsakar said...


Trump thought this was one of his best speeches. He mentioned the context during the Tulsa live feeds.

I also watched General Raymond, of US Space Force (which has a symbol closely resemblign Star Trek's) answer a cadet question:

Do Aliens exist?

That got a boisterous crowd reaction. Raymond's reaction was also interesting. Neither confirming nor denying, but just winking multiple times, as if he wanted to say something but OPSEC prevents it.

I also watched nearly the entirety of Raymond's address to the recent Air Force graduation, which Pence also spoke at. I was paying particular attention to Raymond because he would be inducting and taking the oath of the SIlver Sash Space Force cadets. They are graduating from the Air Force because the AF held Space Command before Trump did his thing.

As for the AF Space Command, they were related to the Stargate SG1 tv project. At the ending credits, you can see that US NORAD and Cheyenne Mountain were involved (if I recall right) as well as US SPace Command.

That video of the entrance to Cheyenne mountain or whatever bunker complex they had? Real.

So the military must be really bored to give entertainment people access to the inside... hahaha.

Or maybe they are doing something else. ALl of these things are not from Ymar's world, they are in the open source world. Only my interpretations are unique here.

I watch Trump or Pence or Raymond, not because I care what their politics or talking points are. I watch them because I can use my abilities on them.

This bypasses disinformation and other shenanigans of the fake news.

West Point's graduation felt a little bit different atmosphere wise than Air Force's. AF was more boisterous, energetic. West Point was like Lord of the Rings, the Grey Line, ancient ponderous weight. Trump also mentioned INVISIBLE ENEMY again to the graduates. As Pence did to AF. Who or what is this Invisible enemy, is it Covid from CHina?

Heh i am not saying it is aliens but... even the media has been allowed to talk about UFOs in recent years.

ymarsakar said...




This is what I have been waiting for. This is not Full Awakening, but it is beginning to.

It is what is required to do something in AMerica, because not much can be done with just one Y online talking about stuff.

How long the Deep State and Cabal gets to rule over humanity, that is something you all get to decide.

How much more of this 2020 styff can you all tolerate?

What are you all going to do about it? Nothing? Vote? Sit back and watch?

sink dish washing said...

یخچال دیپوینت

ست شیرالات شودر

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ymarsakar said...

The Deep State has their guerillas and cannon fodder Leftist politicians.

But the same can be said for the Light or the anti Cabal alliance.

There are official forces like the US military "white hats" or anti Cabal or Trump admin. Then there are the guerillas or what Trump likes to call his "Keyboard Warriors".

So funny that a term used against Bush II's campaign in Iraq, now comes full circle.

ymarsakar said...


And it is official. I thought something strange was going on. TOo much coordination on twitter. ANd there it is.

The Unconventional stuff.

small wars journal had an article about non violent resistance. THis is it.

ymarsakar said...

Haha, ask counter questions? That is a hilarious uw coin based drop.

It is like q reads y.

ymarsakar said...


This is hilarious. A deep dive into ai. turn on cc captions for story