Daily bafflegab report

The best I've found so far today is in an ABC report on the Seattle Mayor's announced plans to work together with others to de-escalate and implement community wishes and expand our consciousness and like wow man:
Durkan said she has met with community leaders, local organizations, protesters, businesses and residents in recent weeks, and there will be continued dialogue on how to reimagine policing itself as well as "every other component of our society."
"Racism is a living, breathing organism," she said. "It permeates our society in so many ways, and we can only undo racism and begin to undo the trauma and injustice by really centering the voices of the people who are affected."
I had a pretty good dose yesterday, too, in a county commissioners meeting in which an inordinate amount of time was spent discussing subcommittees and action plans devoted to the mystery of what they like to call "entrepreneurship incubation."

These people wouldn't know a business plan if it ate them for breakfast. They've heard of a business start-up before, and they think that something must stand between a stalwart would-be local "home-grown" business entrepreneur and fabulous success, followed by buying a home, raising a family, and paying a lot of local taxes. They gather that what most such hopeful young idealists lack is something called "cash," a/k/a what bloodsucking capitalists call capital. They aren't in a position to give startups any cash, because sadly the local tax structure is such that an Economic Development sales tax slot was previously eaten by some other sales tax, and they've hit the ceiling on that. They know ad valorem tax abatements probably won't fly. What to do?

They're going down the usual road: appoint sub-committees to chase grants for business incubation. I must say, they have an extremely firm grip on where the grant money is and how to advance relentlessly toward putting their hands on it: talk about community needs and workforce development and leveraging strengths and light, clean industry and diversification and resilience. What they don't seem to understand is that an entrepreneur has a product to sell, to people who want it and have money to spare from other wants to spend on it, and a business plan for how to finance production and sales until he can turn a "profit" (eek), plus an iron determination to work himself half to death pulling the whole thing off.

When real people with capital to invest see a structure like this, they sometimes write checks in return for a share of the potential future profits. It's called capital. The county doesn't have any, and neither do any of the sub-committees. They're not even going to grab the grant money and use it as capital; all the money will go for studies and salaries of indispensable chairmen and directors to study business incubation.

But at least they didn't spend the meeting talking about centering voices and having continued dialogue on how to reimagine business incubation and every other aspect of our society.


Grim said...

Your patience is legend. I would have walked out.

E Hines said...

But at least they didn't spend the meeting talking about centering voices and having continued dialogue on how to reimagine business incubation and every other aspect of our society.

That's because they're not yet woke--they've only come up to dozing.

Regarding Grim's remark above, what he said. Still, at least by occupying one of those chairs, you're preventing the foolishness from being unanimous. And blocking the Durkan Summer of Love from polluting a Texas county. Either of those alone count for something; together, they're pretty enormous.

Eric Hines

J Melcher said...

Perhaps the best you can do is prevent the authorities from hiring "experts" to do the job that should not be done in the first place. Consultants and organizers and analysts...

It wasn't too many years back I happened to notice that the North Texas Council of Governments had hired consultants to study traffic and make 88 pages of recommendations. As it happened my employer's Dallas HQ had significant operations in Atlanta and I was, for my sins, paying attention to traffic patterns in and around that city. When I pulled up the DFW recommendations I thought I smelled a familiar aroma. I pulled up an Atlanta study ... First page had identical logos from the consulting firm. Long story short I found (IIRC) 63 out of 80 some pages in each that duplicated each other. Boilerplate: Not enough local tax base. Must get federal funds. Suburbs bad! Commuter light rail the wave of the future! Signature features -- monuments, bridges, stadiums...

I didn't bother to see how many other cities the consultants sold plagiarized "studies" to.

Texan99 said...

The way I see it, if racism is a living, breathing organism, then we need to put our knee on its neck until it stops.