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First post in the summertime, astrologically.


ymarsakar said...

One of the things that will help bring Ymar's metaphysics into this reality and comprehension is Q Anon.

Now Q anon is "conspiracy land", but it has many positive groups, patriotic AMerican and foreigners, for it. Why? Shrugs.

Q Anon used to be hosted by 8 chan, because 4 chan was banned or something by Deep State controlled agents. I know, I know, internet troll territory infighting.

But... Q is now on the 11.11 DOD server IP. Huh?





So it can't be taken down again by agents.

That's... biblical. Actually, no, that is just the military. The military is conducting psychological operations on the American people, attempting to save them from some kind of Satanic child pedo Deep State?

This is not Ymar talking. I didn't create them. Nor do I work for the military or them.

This is Americans. This is humanity. I didn't cause this. I didn't even know about it until recently, as I don't pay attention to Trum antics after 2016, until now.

So if Q anon's posts or drops (dead drops haha) can be verified, then you won't need to believe or disbelieve Ymar. And attacking or discounting Ymar's posts because of personal emotions, will matter even less.

My faction runs parallel to many of the things you see in the news. They, whatever they are, have not deemed me in a position to "need to know" exactly what is going on.

You know, sleeper cells are only useful when they have little to no idea of other cells or the chain of command.

Q anon strangely predicted or at least leaked the Antifa/Soros riots... in 2017. Now that's interesting.

There are lots of people waking up in my old long time internet hang outs. I can feel the vibe, the energy, the emotion of the writers and commenters. It is not the usual 2019 stuff. Or 2007. Or 2009 even.

Counter: Why is Y writing about all this stuff?

Y: Because it is the debriefing. Or rather, it is a briefing. When people are given all the information I have access to, or what Q classification allows, they are going to be... confused. Also angry. Also a lot of other things.

If you paid attention to Ymar, Civil War 2 won't be quite as much of a shock. Same for 2021.

Counter: New technologies, spiritualism, stars, aliens, gods, poltics, conspiracies, are connected?

Y: Yes... haha.

ymarsakar said...


Got a good kitten video for Ymar's world.

So far Atlanta is still here. THat's good, right. No news is good news.

ymarsakar said...

Click the CC subtitles button bottom, as the video has a plot.

From darkness to light. That's humanity's story right there.

ymarsakar said...


I don't know who this Mitchell guy is, but he asked an interesting question.

Finally, humanity is ready to use Demoncrats. I used fracking before BG star or the oil thing. Thta was pretty funny.

DemoRats was also funny. But let's combine the two.

ymarsakar said...


I looked him up a long time ago, because people here and elsewhere mentioned him. I was able to use that information to educate people who thought NBF was some kind of racist or Confederate KKKer. NO, that would be modern day Demoncrats like Robert KKK Byrd.

So my boy, Nathan, is finally getting his reputation served justly. That is good, I am happy.