Compensating the choir unseen

I prefer to think of them as differently vital.  What could better qualify someone as vibrantly alive, helping to weave the exciting human tapestry, than cashing a government check?

We need to reimagine what it means to be among the living, and every other part of society.  I'll begin by denouncing my own part in othering the dead and failing to center their voices.


Grim said...

That figure is now the over/under for fraudulent mail in ballots to dead people.

Christopher B said...

WAY under. You're forgetting about all the people who moved, are students, snowbirds, etc and that they are going to authorize using licensed driver lists, motor vehicle registrations, and even private mailing lists to come up with names. The country will be papered with ballots.

E Hines said...

You're all being excessively optimistic.

And: charging four guys with crimes doesn't correct the "vote."

And the delays in vote counting/results announcing are just periods where the Progressive-Democrats will repeatedly adjust the count until their guy "wins." This was demonstrated in a Minnesota election for the Federal Senate not too many cycles ago and in a governor election in Washington not too many cycles ago.

Eric Hines

Aggie said...

How long will it be before someone accuses Trump of trying to buy the dead peoples vote?

ymarsakar said...

At least they didn't lose an actual 2.3 trillion like the Pentagon under RUmsfeld. Or the recent internal audits, losing account of 21 trillion DOD wise.

ANd at least it wasn't like that private CEO that lost 2 billion in assets somehow.

At least with a check, they may not have cashed it, unless their name matched.

james said...

WRT ballot mailouts: it is trivial to undetectably bias the results. Just slow down sending ballots to districts that skew towards the other part. Lose some. Your candidate will lose some votes, but the other one(s) will lose more.

In the COVID replanning, they encouraged use of mailed ballots. My daughter requested one weeks before--and never got it.

If you get to control the procedures more closely, Eric is exactly right.

ymarsakar said...

The world may end if i get excessively optimistic, so watch out.