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Groundbreaking research:
With beauty being a valuable commodity in our society, it's no surprise that women might use it to their advantage when competition heats up.
But only when competition heats up, mind you, which is why they found the phenomenon more pronounced in areas of "gender income inequality."  Get rid of the competition, and everything becomes a reimagined paradise.

Have they considered taxing the rich?


J Melcher said...

Yeah, this is why foreign correspondents, journalistic paragons of progress, loved assignments in Communist nations.

Cheaper Younger Cuter Hookers.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I wonder what they mean by Gender Income Inequality? Especially when they are talking about other nations.

And how do sexy selfies help you get better income? This seems to be a pop culture rorschach, where you can see whatever you like in the data.

Texan99 said...

I think the idea is that if you can't earn money honestly, it makes sense to sell your sexuality in the quasi-economic dating or marriage market. Yank back some of that money the guys are all hogging. it doesn't make you a gold-digger, just rational!--and you can buff up your feminist credentials while you're at it.