Hendersonville on a Fathers’ Day

It’s a strange year.

But a man can still get a quiet pint. 


raven said...

My wife and I took a nice walk up a rocky gorge filled with rushing river water and lined with thick verdant virgin timber. Quiet and reflective.

Whats with the orange barriers?

Grim said...

For some reason they turned the downtown into a pedestrian-only zone.

ymarsakar said...

People getting a little bit shaky with the Tulsa rally and other stuff going on.

As with all things, these too shall pass. So long as people survive to 2021.

Election year and October surprises, are on going.

2020 is not over yet.

I am watching the Trump Tulsa 20th rally. He drops a few more hints, confirming an analysis I had before of him.

April was a pivotal and critical campaign month, for the war effort.They are still keeping it classified I see. Oh well. I can wait.

ymarsakar said...

Grub hub gave me -10 USD, off, so I ordered 30-35 USD of kuro sushi.

The hilucky (Chinese) 25000 ma solar battery 4 panels, is working out well. Quite heavy, but if I can fit it on my TEnzing 2000 daypack, it will reduce the thermal heat and turn 22% of it to electricity.

That is some horrible efficiency given the Tel Aviv Sapphire near room temp superconductors and the Navy's own fusion and superconductor patents, as well as the classified patents, but this will suffice until humanity gets the real tech released.

Smart glass pads, thinner than Star Trek holographic touch panels, is well on the way, given what I see of the Galaxy Note 10 and screen protector material. THey just need a nano tech engineering and a superconductor mesh, plus a power source. We have nano tech scale engineering now. THe AMD cpus are machined to 7nm. THat is Seven Nano Meter.

Unfortunately, I suspect most of it will fry when the solar flash hits, but that's ok. my SSD data can still be transfered... wait, that isn't going to go too is it?

ymarsakar said...

Trump is correct. The best is yet to come. What I have called the utopia or Golden Age.

This is not because I support or like Trump. People may have noticed this about me. I don't use political factors for my analysis any more.

Trump just happens to agree with me. And his record so far is extensive.

When main sewer and American public preaches peace and glory ever lasting, I am preaching doom and gloom.

When main sewer and AMericans think the world is ending, I say the world is not ending. Hehe

ymarsakar said...

Those gun owners of America brand LED flashlights are still super useful. GLad I bought 2 of em back 5 or so years ago.

THe design is also nearly perfect for one handed use, zoom, which is good for tactical situations. Some of the knock offs or reverse engineered flashlights have twist zooms, which require two hands. I think I am going to need my other hand for H2H or some other thing, if I really need to use it to scout out for threats in the dark. Or as a mini blind tactic.

The brightness of the LED decreases with battery level but most conditions, from social media, for scenario conflicts happen at rather close ranges. Having to deal with rifle armed snipers, does not seem very common, like the DC gas station executions.

I don't like dealing with bombs, drone fire, or snipers. They are "very very" far from my optimum range.

I have learned over the years that maintaining a condition yellow or orange or red or black for too long, causes certain problems. So games are a great way to still think in tactical scenarios, but without the stress.

This is good for maintaining combat mentalities.

ymarsakar said...


Another nanoscale tech.

If they just combine it with certain other technologies, they can reproduce a smart glass pad, like a holographic sheet that is touch responsive. They just need to add circuits inside.

Humanity has the ability to do this, but are missing certain key components. MOst likely classified patents.

Anonymous said...

I teach cello lessons in Hendersonville once a week. It seems like a nice town.