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Forgotten yesterday, but here today.


ymarsakar said...

mercury is a light. When it goes backwards, it stalls and reverses direction. Indian vedic recorded events as this for thousands of years.

For example, mon tue people were busy. Not much internet stuff to read. Then wednesday everything went into high gear. Then people made mistakes in communication or writing.

Exactly as the data for mercury shows. These patterns were noticed over thousand of years.

Counter: why does it happen?

Y: first how or when. Different interpretations exist but none matter. Ancients thought it had to do with gods. Modern humans are wiser, history channel schooled ymar on how it was ancient aliens fir 9 seasons.... heh.

ymarsakar said...

The star of bethlehem is another example of stars reversing direction. Hovering. Or maybe it was a ufo and mary got upducted by holy spirit.... that some conspiracy landers may believe.

Most of these topics are incomptehrnsiblr. I know. If i got astrology from fake news papers, i would still be in the dark.

ymarsakar said...

Right now, a lot of the Q people suspect that Flynn has something important which got him targeted and gagged.

I hear a loto f conservative commenters in my usual places, talking about revolution, shooting their way out, or some such war.

Things are coming to a boil and it ain't July 4 2020 yet.

Most people are beginning to assume the mentality I had in 2007. The "we have to fight or we are gonna lose everything" mentality, hehe.

ymarsakar said...

Welcome to Ymar's world. I tell them that by the time they wake up to the war, it will already be over.

As for who wins... wait until 2021 to figure that one out. I won't be spoiling this one.

ymarsakar said...


THe result of AMerican treason is dangerous not just for domestic patriots but also for foreigners. It's why foreigners hate/fear the Clowns in Action so much and blame things on AMerica. To them, the Deep State is America.