REH Was Right Part CXXVIII

Norway’s first Viking Age could have been 3,000 years ago.


ymarsakar said...

The book of mormon is why lds main line believes there was an ancient civilization in America, reaching back before 500 BC. If in the Great Lakes area, why not elsewhere.

Plato's talk about Atlantis figures here.

That is not to say the Vikings were part of the American civilization, but they could have easily reached here. Or been reached by Atlantean splinter colonies. These splinters would not have much cultural knowledge or technology to share. But he Vikings may have picked up Rune based stone technology.

Counter: What is that?

Y: A kind of technology so advanced they thought of it as Rune Magic.

douglas said...

Fascinating. This made me chuckle- "A helmet with horns was worn in the Bronze Age, but almost never during the Viking Age, unlike popular culture would have us believe." So it turns out horned Viking helmets were actually a thing after all! Judging by the petroglyphs, worn by the captain or helmsman of a boat.

The turned up keel making a second prow was interesting too.

Joel Leggett said...

Grim, that was a fascinating article. Tom Shippey makes a similar point in his book “Laughing Shall I die: Lives and Deaths of the Great Vikings.” He points out that what we call the Viking Age was really the Second Viking Age. The First Viking Age involved the period of raiding, invading, and settlement of Roamano-Celtic Britain. He also points out that the Poem Beowulf also discusses why this first age came to an end.

Grim said...

Thanks, Joel. I’ll look for it.