"Are We Raising Racists?"

Since this article appears in the New York Times, I guessed before reading it that the answer was "Yes." It turns out that the answer may be, 'No, but we should be.'
Parents of black and Latino children have long made thoughtful choices about when and how to engage in difficult and nuanced discussions about difference. Studies show that such parents are two to five times more likely than whites to teach their children explicitly about race from very young ages to counter negative social messages and build a strong sense of identity.
Is that really what you want me to do? Raise my children to think "explicitly about race" and to have a "strong sense of [racial] identity"? Have you thought this through?


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yes, that's what they want you to do. It's important that Yorkies know that Spaniels are really different, and think about this.

jaed said...

Grim, you know better. Only some people are supposed to raise their children with a strong sense of racial identity (and racial animus) from an early age. Other people are supposed to raise their children without a strong sense of racial identity, but with a strong sense of racial guilt. Likewise from an early age, if the NYT has its way.

Grim said...

The rest of the article does make clear that the reason to inculcate a strong sense of racial identity in your (white) children is to make sure they take up the tradition of guilt and debt.

Even if that were a wise idea, it's a bridge you can't be sure of crossing. All you are certain of obtaining is a child who believes that his or her "white identity" is central.

Ymar Sakar said...

Raising soldiers for Lucifer's Army, receptacles of divine level entities, is far worse than raising racists.

As much as the KKK is blamed for the evils of humans, that is not where evil comes from.