"St. Patrick Was An Immigrant"

The Irish PM intends to slam Donald Trump, but ends up defending Ben Carson.

St. Patrick's 'immigration' to Ireland came at the hand of Irish pirates, who kidnapped him from his family's estate in Britain and sold him to work as a slave tending sheep. Is that 'immigration'? Well, in a way; in the way that Carson (and Obama) used the word.


David Foster said...

"St Patrick was an immigrant"

So was Mick Ryan:


MikeD said...

That was my first-glance reaction as well. But the case CAN be made that Saint Patrick was not a slave when he returned to Ireland as a priest to convert the Irish. He was taken by slavers as a child from his home in Britain, it's true. But after several years of bondage, he escaped, made it back to Britain and became a priest. Then he returned again to Ireland (by his own choice this time) and performed the deeds that he is revered for today.

But I agree, it does make something of a sticky wicket for those who want to praise Prime Minister Kenny and condemn Dr. Carson. Not that the cognitive dissonance will trouble those folks at all.

Grim said...

Is a missionary an immigrant, if by chance he lives out the rest of his life in the country to which he goes on mission? That's not how I would usually consider things to stand, but I suppose you could make a case for it.