Maddow Gets Played

So Donald Trump's 2005 tax returns just 'show up' in one of her people's mailboxes, with no names attached. And she gets all excited, goes to press with it, and -- it just so happens -- team Trump is ready to release the documents themselves that afternoon in order to scoop her. And then she goes over the top, of course, trying to tie this to various conspiracy theories. Then the returns prove mainly that he paid a massive amount of taxes that year, hundreds of times more than the average taxpayer will pay in a lifetime of paying taxes.

I'll bet I know who mailed those tax forms to Maddow's assistant.

And now Trump is immunized against the whole "show us your taxes!" issue.


Anonymous said...

Grim I have a question concerning another subject, you may want to have a separate blog post for this. Since you know mattis better than most of us, please help us to understand.

What in the hell was the motivation of Mattis in this hire?

Why is Defense Secretary General James Mattis nominating for Undersecretary of Defense a former Ambassador to Egypt who was a Muslim Brotherhood supporter?


Grim said...

That nomination was withdrawn, but I'll answer the question. What Mattis was doubtless thinking was that he had experience working with her and respected her. Mattis may be more conventional than many Trump appointees, as four star generals are always long shaped by their institutions. Still, I think he must believe she would have been a strong deputy based on what he had observed of her performance. The Brotherhood may not have been the aspect he was thinking of, and he would not hold it against someone that they had been ordered to lead a mission that he disagrees with. Rather, he'd look at how well she carried out whatever mission she was assigned.