Are You Kidding Me?

This is the sort of news story that should never get published. Freedom of the press is a cherished value. All the same, publishing the details of a secret unit's training exercises can do no good whatsoever, and might get some fine Americans killed into the bargain.


raven said...

Could it be a "bait" story, to get kim to over react and justify response?

Grim said...

No reason for that. If you want a Kim overreach for something, you only have to wait until he thinks he's not getting enough attention.

It could be an IO to bluff Kim into thinking he's in danger, in the hope of preventing him from doing something crazy. More likely, it's someone who forgot that 'loose lips sink ships.'

Ymar Sakar said...

That's why people should let the evil MSM and Left burn. There's no point in saving the guilty, that's not something humans can do anyways under a Divine Trial.