Longing for the Klan

The Washington Post would just love it if Southerners would play along with their script by demonstrating a resurgence of racism. This story from Dahlonega -- home of Georgia's military college, North Georgia University, and a place where I have spent many of my days -- shows how much they want this.

They actually did figure out the real story, if you read far enough -- they just put it in paragraph twenty-five.
By evening, though, people had found out who was really responsible: It was one of their own, an 84-year-old white woman named Roberta Green-Garrett, the owner of the building in question who lives in a brick mansion with four white columns on a hill overlooking the town.

Offering no explanation and declining to speak with reporters, she had told town officials that she had allowed the banner to go up and might try to put it up again. She had been seeking permission to build a hotel on the square, and people speculated that it was all an audacious ploy to embarrass the town into approving her plans.
That's basically the whole story. There's forever been this one a guy who runs a booth in one of the antique/thrift stores who is a Klan fan -- in addition to ordinary antiques and Confederate flags it used to be you could buy old copies of Song of the South from him, because Disney wouldn't sell them to you any more.

Then there's this one 84 year old woman, who would like to be even richer than she is, but the town won't go along with her hotel plans. So, here's a way she can pressure the town government. 'Don't like the Klan signs? Well, I can think of a way to convince me to stop approving them.'

I guess that "Town in Georgia Has Two Bad People" wasn't enough of a headline to justify flying somebody down here, though, so they put in 24 paragraphs of 'atmosphere' in front of it, and what looks like another hundred paragraphs of '...and people were really upset' behind it.

But it's not a story, not really. It's just these two very old people, only one of whom actually cares about the Klan in the slightest degree. The other one only cares about herself.


E Hines said...

Well, you know. Once the racist blood gets going, it's hard to stop it and harder to purge it. That's why the Washington Post keeps going. It's almost like the particular article is a Stop me before I publish again cry.

But this sort of racism is what the Left does--it's been a part of its Know Better "holiness" since the days of Herb Croly and Woodrow Wilson. It can't stop.

Eric Hines

Ymar Sakar said...

This is how they controlled the South and white clans before. They are trying old tricks that won't work any longer, for a people that have broken away from Lucifer and joined the aO, will be hard to trick back into the fold once again. And if they do wish to rejoin Lucifer's Own, then let them burn, no problem.

Unlike being burned at the stake by the Catholics for heresy/apostasy, or by Islamic Jihad, or by human made fires, the Divine Punishment lasts for eternity, for souls are eternal and divine entities are eternal, for the most part.