A True Heroine & Martyr

Meet Kayla Mueller, aid worker captured by ISIS, who defended her Christian faith before the face of her murderer.


raven said...

A brave woman.

The action of Doctors without Borders is beyond the pale, AKA IMO beyond any legal protection. To refuse to negotiate for her release, even though she was an assistant to their contractor,and riding with him in a MSF van, is despicable enough, but to hold back the captors ransom communication to her parents is , IMO, sufficient justification for any retribution her parents may seek, in any form, and any level of severity.

Eric Blair said...

Yeah, well MSF (and most other NGOs) is probably doing more hurt than good these days.

Ymar Sakar said...

NGOs are mostly working for Lucifer these days, although some of that depends. It's not hard to picture, since the NWO or other corrupt faction merely needs to corrupt a few key leadership roles, and the entire organization can flip from neutral/good to serving evil. A great application of Sun Tzu's highest skill in warfare.

Ymar Sakar said...

Oh btw, since her soul is now consecrated to the spiritual realm in the eternal war between good and evil, that means any rebalancing of scales on Earth is left to other people and mortals to carry out.

Especially given the congratulations needed to be given to all those Americans that pushed Hussein Obola into power, and indirectly Islamic State in the ME as well.

The Christian doctrine or belief that forgiveness applies to all enemies, is false, a heresy in fact. A servant of Lucifer who denies their evil and refuses to admit what they have done, is not deserving of forgiveness. Even God has in the past, been incapable of forgiving or saving the truly unrepentant, if Noah's Flood and Sodom are to be believed.

The issue is the saving of souls. Thus a person may not claim ignorance of the Law in human affairs, as they receive the punishment irregardless. But in the Divine real of divine laws, knowledge of good and evil is required before judgment can be rendered. Thus forgiveness is not given nor retracted merely because a soul has done an evil, such as support IS' sex slavery, with the US power and vote. No, the judgement only comes when they are confronted with their evil and asked to admit their wrong and their actions for what it is, no human self deception or projection allowed.

If they choose not to do so, then they have chosen to continue to serve evil. And in that case, it becomes extremely easy to separate the sheep from the wolves. For any divine level entity, dealing with mortals on this realm must be as difficult as the US occupation dealing with the civilians in Iraq, if not more so. They just can't tell the sheep apart from the wolves.