On Station

My mother is now in Wyoming, with my sister and her new grandbaby. I was with her, with only short breaks for the gym and suchlike, from the moment dad died until I watched her pass through airport security this afternoon. We haven't spent that much sustained time together since I was a child. It was nice, in a way, in spite of the very difficult circumstances.

I am now returned home.


Texan99 said...

I can hardly imagine how much it must have meant to her for you to be there.

Grim said...

I certainly hope it meant a lot. I was only able to be of so much help, in spite of my wishes. Socializing with all her guests was a difficulty for me, and my father to his credit had very many people who felt the need to come by and express their support. There were some details regarding finances I helped her sort out, especially in terms of getting her access to the bank accounts (she had debit cards and credit cards, but had left handling the details of the accounts to him). We dealt with legal matters, using an attorney who was a friend of dad's and will do right by her.

If I had not been there, she would not have been alone much thanks to all the guests. But I hope it was worth something that I was always there, and she was never alone unless she wanted to be.

Texan99 said...

My dear fellow, I sure she appreciated the company and attentions of others, but you're her son; it's completely different. Whether you were doing useful chores or not, the fact that you were there for her was the critical thing. But the chores were great, too, any burden you could take off of her.