Kurt Schlichter: Prophet

Well, novelist, really. It just feels prophetic, sometimes.

The Inauguration Speech America’s Corrupt and Incompetent Ruling Class Will Make A Reality


For too long, the elites looked down on us even as they stole our labor and our heritage to enrich themselves. For too long, they hid behind laws that apply only to us and not to them, behind a media that lied to us to protect them, behind an economic system that stole from us to protect them. That ends today!

Enemies of the people and their lapdogs in the media, it is time for you to be held accountable!

They speak of the Constitution, but your will is my constitution! Your needs are my Bill of Rights! Under my rule, your voice will be America’s voice!


I highly recommend his "future history" novel, Conservative Insurgency. Told from the perspective of a history Ph.D. candidate working on his dissertation in the 2040s, it tells the story of how constitutional conservatives created a successful cultural insurgency and re-established themselves as the dominant political, social, and cultural force in the nation.

The book is intended as a road guide for conservatives today who are hoping to do that very thing.

Given our discussions of the possibilities of a new civil war, the book deserves a read as a way change might be effected without significant violence. If anyone has or does read it, let's discuss it. I'd be interested to know what you think.


Anonymous said...

The again I always worry that such a thing would become "It Can Not Happen Here" but one way or another the next inaugural address will be interesting.

Eric Blair said...

I follow Schlicter on twitter, and although he is entertaining, he is unrealistic in this.

Tom said...

In the inaugural, or the book? Either way, why do you think so?