Those Who Dare

Headline: "Despite threat from ISIS, 100 children receive First Communion in Iraq."

Their plight will not likely be a happy one, even if ISIS's most prominent enemies win. Life in a state ruled by intensely-ideological and Iran-backed Shi'a militias will be tough, even if it is better than what the Islamic State would have given them.

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Ymar Sakar said...

There's only been a few churches and organizations that have done much overseas. As for protecting Christians, the mighty Roman Catholics haven't done much from what I've seen.

The excuse behind much of "state Christianity" is that the state protects Christians, and Christians in return glorify and empower the state with technology, loyalty, food production, etc.

The Alt Right has moved on to white nationalist Christianity, though. Which is as heretical and off branch split off as Black Liberation Theology or the normal Latin American Catholic Liberation Theology, which backs several cardinals, and the current pope at least.