Say What Now?

More scientific studies prove that national parks and natural areas are racist, deny equal access.... Among the changes encouraged by the Centennial Initiative is a redesign of all national parks to remove intimidating imagery, such as the vehicles driven by and uniforms worn by park rangers, both of which “have law enforcement connotations” and therefore “present a significant impediment to engaging all Americans.”
First of all, park rangers often actually are law enforcement officers, so removing that 'connotation' would be confusing. They're there to help you, but they're also there to make sure you obey the parks rules -- many of which are actually Federal laws.

Second, speaking as someone who has spent a lot of time in National Parks around the country -- if you get more than 50 feet from the road, you'll never see rangers anyway. If you don't like cops, hike a little. It'll improve your health, and I can promise you that I have never seen a park ranger on any backcountry trail in any state or National park ever.

Park rangers have to be the least intimidating police in the country. Almost all they do is fill out forms and sell you access to campsites and such. There's an outside chance one might be around if you needed help, but it's not like they're going to be breathing down your neck while you tramp over Clingman's Dome or scale the Tetons in spite of clear warning signs telling you not to do that. Hypothetically, that last one.


Tom said...

Dang it! Scientific studies CANNOT prove racism. That is not a scientific category. They could show that X is seen as racist by certain demographics, but that's about it.

Eric Blair said...

And how do they expect the target demographic to get to said National Parks?

That thing is completely ridiculous on the face of it. It's not like one Day trips to a National Park (unless you happen to live next it) and that's what this stupid initiative is supposed to be addressing.

Anonymous said...

I thought the bit about all the trees being upsetting because blacks [only] associate trees with lynchings was impressive. In a negative way.


raven said...

An excellent illustration of why pulling turnips , for some, is their highest calling. Horse, water, education, etc. Think of the resources wasted to enable such twaddle. I guess just saying this makes me an "---ist"or an "--er" of some sort, eh?

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