Burkina Faso, Burkini Fiasco, Whatever...



Grim said...

While driving through Atlanta I heard somebody on talk radio yesterday -- maybe Sean Hannity? -- chiding Hillary Clinton for claiming to be for women while championing cultures that force women to wear certain kinds of clothes. Bizarrely, the next thing he said was, "Have you heard about France's burquini ban? I don't want women wearing burqinis."

The sad thing is that there really is a point here on which he has every right to nail Clinton. He just doesn't understand the principles involved well enough to know what it is.

Anonymous said...

Let's not take our eye off the ball.

I do not care one whit about burkinis. I object to bandit masks, and garb that can be easily used to conceal bulky explosives.

Muslims very deliberately put their women out in front on social issues. After the society makes room for the poor, oppressed girls, then the Muslims follow up with demands relating to the thugs among their men. Hijab are traditional garb for men trying to escape prosecution, or seeking to murder others.


Anonymous said...

PS. The day after the San Bernadino attacks, I saw a woman wearing a Niqab to a day care center in San Diego. She walked into the parking lot, and took it off in order to drive her truck.

I drew the inference that she intended to provoke something.


Grim said...

Sure. But it may have been a thought.

I'm inclined to prosecute the war on principle. The principle is no coercion in matters of religion. That will be hard enough for our enemies to swallow, both on the left and in Islam.

Ymar Sakar said...

Coercion was a big issue in the ancient texts, apocryphal.