White papers with teeth

Why do right-wing intellectuals hate Trump, and by extension capitalism?
In the case of the anti-Trump right-wing intellectual, however, the genealogy of their disgust is slightly different. Rather than being possessed of the silly notion that the world will be just like school, they are possessed of a different, but no less silly, notion: that politics is just their insular conferences played out in public and backed by law, or their white papers given teeth—but that, in the final analysis, there’s no substantive difference between statesmanship and academia.


Sam L. said...

In the words of the late Brother Dave Gardner,"They have been educated past their ability to understand."

Also, Trump pointedly ignores them, and that just burns their butts. They KNOW they're smarter than Trump. They know, Know, KNOW they're smarter!

Grim said...

They definitely think they're smarter than him, and harder working, and possessed of a deeper understanding of the region. And hell, maybe they're right. But they haven't gotten solid results, which means that we have pragmatic reasons to doubt the quality of the thought that is their work.

Eric Blair said...

They think he's tacky. I have yet to really see any other explanation.